Wax Nostalgic by Hoang Tran

Wax Nostalgic by Hoang Tran

As children we’ve become accustomed to playing with crayons and colouring books. Artist Hoang Tran has taken this childhood icon and created an amazing series of tiny sculptures. The intricate pieces are extremely well done and finely detailed. The artists uses a variety of tools to shape the crayons into…


Dirty Car Art by Scott Wade

Creating finger art on dusty vehicles has been happening around the planet for decades. Back in the day messages such as ‘Clean Me’ or ‘Wash Me’ were the most common you’d see on the streets. American artist Scott Wade has taken the format to a whole new level as he…


Hail King Robbo (RIP)

The global graffiti community mourned the passing of a true legend within the UK graffiti scene in July 2014. Writers and artists have been dedicating walls around the world to his legend. Although there are many legendary old skool writers in the UK none will ever be crowned King again….

Mile End SkatePark London

Mile End Skate Park London (December)

The walls of Mile End Skate Park are forever changing as graffiti writers arrive and paint pieces on a regular basis throughout the week. Although the winter months are somewhat slower than the rest of the year. Its not a place for street art so fans of graffiti are guaranteed…


ET Phone Home by Core246

Christmas is a time when most people communicate with friends, family and strangers. Graffiti writer Core246 couldn’t have encapsulated more when he painted this rendition of the 1980s icon. Painted in Shoreditch on temporary hoardings it wont be long before someone else paints their own work of art over Core246’s…