Street Art Graffiti is Dead?

I keep hearing the comment that street art graffiti is dead but anyone that paints or shoots this format will tell you the industry has grown tenfold since folks began uploading photographs to social media networks. Just because the founders, pioneers or trend setters have moved on doesn’t mean that art is dead. Ask any 1970s graffiti writer what they were saying about graffiti in the 1980s and then ask a 1980s writer what they were saying about graffiti in the 1990s. Trend setters move…

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Fresh Paint in Italy by NemO’S

Italian street artist NemO’S painted this piece in the last few days in Sapri – Italy for the Oltre il Muro Festival. The artist has been experimenting with mixed media recycled materials and fusing them together on a wall somewhere in the world.  This piece is a perfect example of the artists technique which blends both styles to epic proportions. The suited men are painted with acrylics while the skin of the chap being ripped apart is made of the recycled newspaper ‘II Sole 24…

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Italian Artist OPIEMME Fresh Paint Poland

Italian Artist OPIEMME recently painted this massive ten floor mural in Poland. Entitled “Vortex and Rainbow Irradiation” the artwork honors Polish poet and Nobel Prize winner Wislawa Szymborska. The artist is often called ‘the poet of street art’ in Italy for fusing both poetry and letter-forms.. Photo by Lukasz-GlowalaPhoto-by-Lukasz-Glowala  Photo by Lukasz Glowala     Opiemme Website

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Sliema Street Art Festival Photos 2014

The Sliema Street Art Festival 2014 came and went leaving some stunning art in its wake. Artists from all over the world including LSD Magazine competition winner CLAP who came from Australia descended onto the island for the specific task of painting the town a variety of colours. Artist – Sofles Artist – SoflesArtist – Pariz One (Portugal)Artist – WD (Greece)Artist – Telmo Miel (Holland)Artist – Antoine STEVENS Artist – Telmo Miel (Holland) Artist – CLAP (Australia)Artist – CLAP (Australia) Artist – CLAP (Australia) Add…

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Urban Art Collective Stovington23 v The Corporation

There’s nothing we like more than a bit of good ole fashioned art-activism perhaps the true origins of engaging hearts and minds on the streets by way of art.  Urban art collective Stovington23 have been adding the finishing touches to the slogans of various corporations. Where the multimillion pound companies have adopted street art graffiti techniques in many commercials the thought provoking art of Stovington23 highlights the return of art and activism. STOVINGTON23 WEBSITE 

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