Laser 3.14 Street Art

The Word by Laser 3.14

Laser 3.14 is a philosopher, street poet, street artist and wonderer that travels the road with marker in hand sharing the many thoughts that cross his curious mind. We interviewed him a few years back for an early issue of LSD Magazine and happy to see him still going strong….

Street Art Paste Up

Paste Up Street Art East Side

Paste up art has been around for many a moon and mostly utlised by street artists to get something on a wall in the quickest time possible. Paste up street art is more popular than ever as new or established artists are pasting like the end of days.   D7606My…

Hasworld Street Art

Phantom Street Art by Hasworld

Self taught London based artist Hasworld has been pasting these abstract ‘Phantom’ pieces on walls around East London. The artist also paints the character onto canvases and shows them at galleries.   HASWORLD WEBSITE HASWORLD TWITTER

Olivier Roubieu Street Art

Scarlett Johansson by Olivier Roubieu

UK based French artist Olivier Roubieu painted this gorgeous Scarlett Johansson piece in Blackall Street last week. The artists fuses both graffiti and street art techniques to complete his well thought out artworks.   Olivier Roubieu Website Olivier Roubieu Instagram

Paul Don Smith - David Bowie Street Art

David Bowie by Paul Don Smith

Street art played a central role in the mourning of the late David Bowie for Londoners as they created a shrine about one particualr piece in Brixton by Jimmy C. In Brick Lane however, Paul Don Smith painted his homage in a doorway often utlised by the artist. PAUL DON…

Dale Grimshaw Street Art

Dale Grimshaw in Blackall Street

British artist Dale Grimshaw is widely known for painting large tribal-like pieces on buildings around the world. The portraits often depict what could be considered a dark-side to tribesmen but in reality such people exist in every tribal community and therefore commonplace in the homelands. This particular paste up in…

Nils Westergard Street Art

Fresh Paint by Nils Westergard

Nils Westergard painted this piece earlier this week in Brick Lane. He mentioned the fact that artist Hunto will be adding to the composition at some point soon. This wall is forever changing as different artists are attracted to the area to paint.   Nils Westergard Website Nils Westergard Facebook

Graffiti in Denbosch Holland by WojoFoto

Graffiti in Denbosch Holland 2016 – WojoFoto

Graffiti writers in Holland have wasted no time in repainting their city walls for the beginning of a new year. Writers across the country have been out in force throughout the month of January. We searched for information on this historic Dutch city and found a wealth of knowledge pertaining…