Laser 3.14 T-Shirts

Laser 3.14 T-Shirts

Dutch philosopher and street artist Laser 3.14 has launched a series of T-Shirts online for a limited time. Each embossed with one of the artists iconic statements. Each T-Shirt is only on sale for 60 days so it’s best to snap one up ASAP.   ORDER DIRECT FROM ARTIST WEBSITE…

Nafir in Malaysia

Fresh Paint in Malaysia by Nafir

Iranian artist Nafir is currently touring Malaysia and recently produced this geometric piece.   Nafir Website                

Villa Friekens Amsterdam

Villa Friekens Amsterdam Final Days

Villa Friekens Amsterdam was long deemed a no-go zone for locals as the complex often paraded unsocial behavior. Aside from graffiti writers throwing up tags and pieces it wasn’t a spot that locals could use in a conventional way. Villa Friekens was made famous in 2002 when a band of…

Dutch Graffiti

Fresh Dutch Graffiti in November

WojoFoto is never too far from his camera and a wall smelling of fresh paint. He is one of the main contributors to our LSD Magazine Flickr Group and lives as the title suggests in Holland. He shoots lots of walls on the main street art graffiti highways but also…

David Shillinglaw East London

David Shillinglaw – Keep Smiling Kiosk

“David is a mind adventurer, where the left half of the brain explores the right one. Unanswered, impulsive, instinctive and restless – David doesn’t paint or draw, he creates time… The result is a powerful and fresh interpretation of everyday reality. His art has the appeal of Pop but a…

Fra.Biancoshock & John Fekner

John Fekner & Fra.Biancoshock Collaboration

In this, their first collaborative work, John Fekner and Fra.Biancoshock use found objects and remnants of discarded personal clothing at an abandoned and unnamed location to stress the anonymity of those less fortunate who are on the run in many countries today. Drawing on the spirit seen in Dorothea Lange’s…

Sleaford Mods_Invisible Britain

Sleaford Mods – Invisible Britain Interview

November 2015 sees the release of Sleaford Mods – Invisible Britain in Cinemas around the UK. A documentary which follows the Nottingham band on a tour of some of the neglected areas of the UK in the run up to the 2015 General Election.  LSD caught up with the one…


DosJotas Halloween Intervention in Spain

‘(Halloween) in Cuenca, for the open studio of “Permanencias”. Graves with the names of the presidents of the Spanish democracy and its mandate dates’ DosJotas   DosJotas Website DosJotas Blog