Societe de Consummation by Psico & Jeaze

Artists Psico & Jeaze choose the perfect location for their exhibition ‘Societe de Consummation’. The atmospherics of a church really set the mood for their latest creative offerings. A mix-media celebration of art featuring various styles and formats. Each deliberate space had something exciting to explore for the voyeurs lucky…

It felt like a futuristic factory, neverending absorbtion - Ben Frost

Mona Foma Winter Festival Tasmania 2015

My mind felt like those 250 hammers of LIL BINYUAN’s extraordinary performance, recycling and smashing against itself repeatedly. 250 hammers of consumerism, of anti-capitalism, of slave labour, of resistance, of revolution, of poor design, of cracks in the system, of human endurance, of just plain weird….it got strangers in the…

Akashi - 2

Legend of the Dragon by Akashi

This is the first chapter of a Street Art project called Legend of the Dragon / “龍的傳說” that will be completed in several Asian cities during 2015. In this project, Akashi represents the dragon as a spiritual symbol of the Chinese unity and pride for the country. The artwork is composed…


Mexican Graffiti Writers in Guadalajara

Mexican graffiti writers Falso – Korba – Afek painted this piece in Guadalajara, Mexico earlier this year. The hugely popular artists paint walls in all cities so keep a look out for their work.   FALSO FLICKR


Pallo’s Street Art in Finland

Finnish artist Pallo blends elements of street art with graffiti and loves painting large scale pieces. As one of Finland’s most prolific street artists Pallo also collaborates with other locals artists and visiting artists. Check his flickr profile to see the artist’s wide ranging portfolio. Pallo Flickr Profile