Mix Media Street Art by Ant Carver

Ant Carver is a London based artist who studied Fine Art (BA) at Oxford Brookes (2010-13). Since finishing university he has set up a studio in Hackney Wick. He combines the influence of street art with more traditional painting techniques and works predominantly in oil and spray paint. His work often incorporates…


Foxy Street Art by Dzia

Belgium street artist Dzia loves to paint animals in his own unique style. This Gold Fox was recently created in Hanbury Street in East London. DZIA Website DZIA Facebook

Himbad - June 2015

Street Art by Himbad

I’m sure many of you have seen some of the scarey faces popping up around London but in actual fact the street artist Himbad is quite a jovial chap. We met earlier this year at our event The Green House Effect where he managed to cover us all in paint…


RioFoneHack Art Installation

When i first encountered some lads huddled around a phone-booth with laptop computers i couldn’t resist asking if they were hacking the network. An all knowing laughter spread among the group until one of them said it was a RioFoneHack art installation. So although they wasn’t hacking as such, the…


Spiritual Street Art by Maggio

Italian artist Maggio has been based in London for years now and loves nothing more than traveling the world in search of spiritual connections. She has deep rooted beliefs in the spiritual dimensions of art and does her best to embed such elements directly into the street art she produces….


Jim Vision & Gent48 in Shoreditch

There are many hidden little gems in and around East London. One never knows what you may find around any given corner so its advisable to keep a camera handy whenever rambling the city streets. Collaborative art is quite special because you get the best of two artists or more…


Detroit Arrest Warrant for Shepard Fairey

Detroit has issued an arrest warrant against Shepard Fairey for tagging and painting murals around the city. Damages estimated at $9,000 law enforcement officers in Detroit were unimpressed at Shepard’s global recognition as an artist. Police Sgt. Rebecca McKay said that it “does not take away the fact that he…


London Paste Up Street Art 2015 pt.1

In the same vain as slap up stickers, paste up’s are a quick way of getting something on a wall of which you have no permission, fast and easy. If you get caught doing it and only have to remove the slap up or paste up, it isn’t a such…