Infidelix Conne Island Leipzig

Texan Rapper Infidelix Conne Island Leipzig Germany

Infidelix Live Performance in Germany + Supports: Lisaholic (München / Bumm Clack) Stockinger , kkoma & Ojay ( Leipzig ) Infidelix left Texas a few years back with $100 and dream to get his music into the ears of people around the world. He purchased a one way ticket to…

Jungle Splash

Jungle Splash Free Party 4 Arenas London

Calling The Jungle, Drum ‘n’ Bass, Garage & Reggae Massive If you enjoy the musical genres established during the nineties then you’d enjoy the energetic atmosphere of Jungle Splash. Created by the founders of Jungle music comes a huge 4 arena event celebrating the start of a new year and…

Lumiere London 2018

Lumiere London Stunning Light Installations

Lumiere London Illuminates London City 2018 London rarely dresses up for anything other than Christmas these days, so an exhibition of light in the heart of London city is a rare treat for locals and visitors alike. Lumiere London consists of 40 art installations celebrating light are placed in central…

Zurik Barcelona

Zurik Launches Project 12+1 for 2018 in Barcelona

Female Graffiti Writer Zurik in Spain Colombian graffiti writer Zurik kicked off 2018 with a piece for Project 12+1 in Barcelona, which also happens to be her current base. The artist successfully captures both the melancholy and joy expressed by the same character in the same moment. Colour is utilised…

Kraser Hyena Spain

Kraser Surreal Hyena Street Art in Spain

Kraser Surreal Hyena in Llano del Beal (Spain) Kraser is widely known for his surreal murals which often highlights the character strengths of the featured subject. The Spanish artist feels a deep connection with his environment and the animal kingdom. Endangered species are brought to life with vibrant colour and interdimensional…

F CK Hercules in Rome

Hercules in Rome by F CK Flavio Campagna KAMPAH

F CK Celebrates Steve Reeves Hercules at Cinecitta When F CK was asked to paint a mural of his choice near the Cinecitta Studios in Rome, the first image that sprang to mind was an American actors characterisation of Hercules. The artist has a film-making background and greatly appreciates the…

Sabo Street Art in Los Angeles

Unsavoury Agent Sabo Hits Hollywood

Street Artist Sabo Nightmare to the Stars Unsavoury Agent and American street artist Sabo is widely known for his stance against certain politicians and the Hollywood entertainment machine. Readers will remember Sabo’s Hilary Clinton rendition as tattoo clad Los Angeles gang member. The artist is never too far from major…

Sweam Smart Projector

Bring Artwork to Life with Sweam Smart Projector

The Portable Sweam Smart Projector on Kickstarter When first setting eyes on the Sweam Smart Projector, we wondered if it could be used for projecting artwork onto large walls so ‘some’ artists can paint the outlines to their murals or commissioned jobs. On closer inspection it appears the smart LED…

tiny t1 Zanco Phone

Fully Functional tiny t1 from Zanco on Kickstarter

World’s ‘Smallest’ Phone Fully Funded on Kickstarter The tiny t1 from Zanco could be the perfect tool for artists painting out on the streets. Rather than take the incredibly over-priced smartphones on painting trips, you’d be better off with the fully functional tiny t1. It’s cheap, cheerful and fully operational….

Sound Reactive LED Mask

Sound Reactive LED Mask on Kickstarter

LED Mask on Crowd Funding Network Kickstarter An impressive LED mask at an affordable price has finally arrived on the market. A mask that wouldn’t appear out of place at a Burn, Blade Runner set or even dance-floor for the brave. The Canadian company were pitching for £8,812 and were…