Portal Cityzenkane in Shoreditch

CZK has been installing artworks around London for some time now. We first met in 2008 and interviewed the artist for an early issue of LSD Magazine.  We spotted this dedicated piece just yesterday and our hearts immediately went out to the artist and family.  CZK installations are always well thought out and perfectly executed. This portal can take you anywhere at anytime…Big Love CZK CITYZENKANE FACEBOOK

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Super Pope Tags Bank in Brussels

A broken moneybox whose cracks shape the silhouette of the European Union. That is Maupal’s visual expression of the current European economy. Mauro Pallotta, also known as Maupal for “The Super Pope” graffiti fixing Pope Francis as a superhero, believes Europe is on high risk of fracture due to austerity politics and to growing claims of splinter groups in several European countries. According to the artist, such a scenario is visually defined as a emptied moneybox. The location of the street art-piece could therefore not…

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Artist STIK Paints Giant Mural in London

We’ve been shooting Stik’s work since 2008 so we were more than happy to get the phone call requesting our presence in Acton. In the past we’ve climbed up many a building to film the illusive artist practicing his craft. To evade capture we’ve hidden on rooftops and jumped from windows as raiding riot squads smashed their way into artist squats. In this time we’ve grown very fond of the unassuming artist and consider him a friend. We’ve watched him plan and paint his way…

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