Pichi & Avo Piece Up for Charity E-Bay Auction

There are five days left to bid on the original Pichi & Avo  piece donated by the artists to the charity Streets of London. A great charity which helps homeless people by way of public donations and volunteers. we normally do things in spain to help and support this type of things but this time we feel that helping in London is necesary its a city that  has always treated us very well! as you can see we love London… To take part in the…

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Out for Fame Graffiti Tour

On Thursday october 30rd, the International graffiti convention Under Pressure will present a travelling exhibition called Out For Fame. This project is strongly influence by graffiti movement and have been build with the help of Art by Friends a French organization promoting local and international. Thanks to the help of Promenade Wellington the exhibition will be presented in an anonymous vacant space that will be revealed via a video on October 23trd. The opening event will present 35 pieces of artwork and hold a musical…

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Banksy Not Arrested – Publicity Stunt – Told You!

The sun had barely risen in the sky this morning when news of Banksy being arrested has been proven to be a publicity stunt. Yes we know what your thinking, you were tricked and actually wanted to break the walls down on his police cell.  Its a great pity the passion isn’t shared for real live folks arrested daily under false pretenses but this isn’t the blog for that stuff. As the news broke last night Facebook Lovers were creating new Free Banksy pages and…

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Arrested Man Not Banksy say Graffiti Writers

The world’s media has come alive on the news that anonymous street artist Banksy has been arrested in the UK.  Indeed the news has gone viral as the arresting police squad were conveniently photographed with a man in handcuffs. The man revealed as Liverpudlian Paul Horner was declared by police to be the illusive artist after a short surveillance operation which caught a group of lads in the middle of painting a Banksy styled stencil.  It was said the lads left a London studio thought…

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Graffiti Writers Reclaim New York Train Carriage

New York based graffiti writers SKI and 2ESAE reclaimed a train carriage and replaced the hoards of demoralising commercial ads with their own brand of marketing. The campaign was designed to promote their show “Product of UR Environment”. Although ad-hacking isn’t new when done well it still has maximum impact.  Given the choice between an ad designed to make me feel inferior or a piece of art designed to wake me from my hypnotic journey and provide a moment of clarity, I’d take the latter…

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