Photos from Paint & Beer 2014 Event Amsterdam

The annual  Paint & Beer festival in Holland was a massive success last weekend in Amsterdam. Live graffiti, hand crafted beer and music what more could you ask for. Artists included: 707, Anopy, Blouh, HA, Bimimonsters, Black Salamander, Chaingun!, CLONE, IDEALISM, Zabou, MVIN, Decycle, DMC, DINDIN, Dolle Baas, Dus amsterdam, eins92, AE Shmone / AE Sene / AE Zwam, Waneea Tomitz, Angst & PZE, ibu.p, AlphA, Fat Heat, KURTZ(AMOR), SNIEK, Irony, Edo Rath, Shin, Mr Zero, Nol, SNIK, cbloxx, Pham, Leeks, MEJK, CREM, Mishfit, MixedMedia,…

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Stencil Art of LET (Les Enfants Terribles)

L.E.T. one of the first German Street Artists (since 1992), and to this day he is active in the street and shapes the image of his home city of Dusseldorf. His motives he sprayed on paper and then placarded as “Cutout” in the world. With his style, he is in the tradition: His works cite a charming, provocative and witty English street art. He draws inspiration from the well-known works, which are interpreted by him but in an odd way. He prefers similar ways of…

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Recycled Propaganda USA

Founded in 2013, Recycled Propaganda is the brain-child of Izaac Zevalking, who remains the sole creative, although he is supported by an ever expanding team (hyperlink to our team).  Born 1987 Zevalking is an artist whose work addresses complex problems and issues in recent American and world history, culture, and society. Originally from the UK, his artwork serves as a springboard for confronting and discussing issues that face America today. The images are conveyed through digital design, digital prints, stickers, t-shirts, works on canvas, and…

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