London Street Art Graffiti 2015

When traversing London streets in search of new street art graffiti I’m often blinded by our grey city and can only see the vibrant colour of the artwork on a wall. Over the years I’ve built up a considerable database of walls in my head and can almost recognise them…


SPzero76 & Captain Kris in Brick Lane

The Lost Souls crew works can be found around London, Bristol, and abroad. SPzero76 & Captain Kris produced this piece for the Meeting of Styles UK in the summer.  The crew regularly paint in spots around Shoreditch, if you want to shoot it then follow your gut and you will…


Gregory Herpe Interview

Gregory Herpe is an award winning photographer in France that shoots some of the worlds most famous people. Although not part of mainstream Gregory has found much success shooting A-List celebrities and photo journalism. With a keen interest in street art graffiti the photographer has been shooting the formats whenever…


Dan Kitchener ( DANK ) Brick Lane

Dan Kitchener is no stranger to London’s East End as you can find his artwork in hot-spots such as Brick Lane or Shoreditch. The artist loves to paint the bigger walls with Blade Runner type landscapes. We bumped into him during the Meeting of Styles gathering during the summer.  …


Ana Marietta – Brick Lane

Puerto Rican artist Ana Marietta painted this amazing piece during the summer Meeting of Styles in London. The highly detailed characters almost come to life when filled with such strong colours. Reminds us of watching a Terry Gilliam fantasy film as the King communicates its intentions to the troop. Ana’s…

Pablito Zago

The Flying Fish by Pablito Zago

French artist Pablito Zago uses an array of vibrant colours to realise some of the images roaming around his mind. Shapes are gracefully complimented by the strength of colour and form. Voyeurs get a sense of fun from this artist and the work reflects that light hearted approach to producing…

Projet 4L TrophArtist - L7M

Project 4L TrophArtist 2016

The 4L Trophy event has been running for 18 years and prides itself on helping children of the Moroccan desert. The massive humanitarian rally has donated tons of much needed supplies donated by companies, people and philanthropists across the continent. In 2014 alone this direct action project brought 60 tons…

public order2

Public Order by Fra.Biancoshock

Italian artist Fra.Biancoshock created this dedicated piece in Norway for the Nuart Festival. Although the artist is much about fun there is always a deep rooted message in his installations which he calls ‘interventions’. “Public Order” Batons, Bricks, Flowers and Stones. Fra.Biancoshock Website Fra.Biancoshock Facebook Nuart Festival