The Wall - Canal Side - Hackney

Fresh Paint Canal-Side Hackney

In the years leading up to the Olympic Games in London this wall was painted on a daily basis. Some weeks the wall was completely painted by different artists three or four times in seven days. Although it wasn’t considered a legal spot, no-one was ever arrested painting there so…


Street Art Graffiti of Dscreet in London

Your never too far from the signature Owls produced by Dscreet in cities around the world. The artist chooses street art and graffiti to produce most pieces but also works with other formats such as sculptures and film. The artists work is proudly displayed in many books and appeared in…

365 Days Of Origami Art By Ross Symons

365 Days Of Origami Art By Ross Symons

South African artist Ross Symons has an obsession with origami art which he finds hard to contain. What started as a year long art project has quickly taken over the artists life. Hundreds of folded models later and the artist is still producing these small works of art. You can…


T-Shirts Tattoos & Hoodies by Psico & Pikot

 French Street Artists Psico & Pikot Psico & Pikot Website Psico & Pikot Store


New Street Art Scratchings from VHILS

Portuguese artist VHILS has been scratching walls since 2008. The artist’s work can be seen in many cities around the world. The artwork comes in many shapes and sizes including large apartment block scratchings. We came across this piece only days ago but not sure when it was completed. Its…