IBUg Festival 2014 – On Now

This weekend the IBUg is going to the next round! For the 9th time this unique festival transforms an industrial wasteland into a synthesis of the arts. Started 2006 by Tasso (Maclaim Crew) as a small and unofficial graffiti meeting in Meerane the project became a festival of international renown over the years, featuring artists from all over the world, fascinating art pieces, a colorful program and an unique atmosphere. In 2014 IBUg festival is taking place in Crimmitschau, the “city of a hundred chimneys”,…

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Urban Solid Street Art Sculptures (Italy)

Italian duo Urban Solid have been sculpting 3D street art for a few years now and by the looks of their portfolio you’d be forgiven for thinking they’ve been at it for much longer.  The pieces are always fun, colourful and meaningful in some way. Pieces have appeared in various cities including London where remnants of their last trip here are still on walls. ALL PHOTOS – WALLS OF MILANO URBAN SOLID WEBSITE LSD MAGAZINE FLICKR GROUP

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Hyper-Realistic Sculptures by Carol Feuerman & Marc Sijan

It is without question that Carol Feuerman & Marc Sijan are at the top of their game and these hyper-realistic sculptures are testament to that. One could easily mistaken the life sized pieces for real people as the highly detailed sculptures are very life-like. Carol Feuerman Website Marc Sijan Website

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Fresh Paint by Alaniz at IBUg Germany 2014

Artist Alaniz session for IBUg Festival 2014 in Crimmitschau. The festival of culture and art has officially kicked off  in Germany as a host of artists have already started painting massive pieces. The Fallen Saints ALANIZ FLICKR IBUg WEBSITE LSD MAGAZINE IBUg SUPPORT PAGE

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Outdoor Gallery – New York City Book by Yoav Litvin

Outdoor Gallery – New York City documents the vibrancy of the diverse contemporary street art environment of New York City. The book predominantly collects the work of New York based artists, running the gamut from old school graffiti writers such as COPE2, to contemporary street artists such as HELLBENT, EKG, ASVP, CERN and GAIA. Their work is showcased alongside that of some international fellow travelers including NICK WALKER, THE YOK, SHERYO and KRAM. The book features hundreds of pieces of art by 46 different artists.…

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