Can’Tastic from Urban in Ibiza

Can’Tastic from Urban in Ibiza A music and Art extravaganza including: Live Bands, Djs and some Europe’s biggest Street Artists painting the Legendary LAS DALIAS buildings.  Urban in Ibiza is a season of Art, Music & Fashion showcase events, the winner of the ‘Best Event Ibiza 2013’ Award. OFFICIAL WEBSITE   


Tranz-Mission Finsbury Park London

Tranz-Mission – London’s Rave Festival   Tranz-mission at Finsbury Park represents 25 years of Dance music from the early days of Hip Hop, Electro, Acid House to House followed by Jungle, Garage, Drum & Bass and Hardcore – #raveon Full Info & Tickets: SLAMMIN’ VINYL MAIN STAGE GRAND MASTER…

Ti Arto Titanium Pen

Ti Arto Titanium Pen on Kickstarter

Ti Arto Titanium Pen on Kickstarter Regular readers already know how much we love a pen, whether a minimalistic unit or digital such as as Neo SmartPen. We tend to collect quality pens in much the same fashion as we collect art or travel bags. There’s nothing quite like the…


Fathom One The Modular Underwater Drone

Fathom One The Modular Underwater Drone on Kickstarter We each have our reasons for owning, flying or wanting a personal drone. It wasn’t that long ago we’d repel at the idea of remotely operated drones but today we welcome such machines with open arms. We’ve been waiting for an affordable…


Art on a Postcard at Moniker Art Fair 2016

Art on a Postcard at Moniker Art Fair 2016 6-9th October at Old Truman Brewery The Hepatitis C Trust’s Art on a Postcard is back for its second year at Moniker with postcards and customised car bonnets. The Postcard Lottery was a huge hit at last year’s Moniker Art Fair…

Interview with Dorian Wright

Interview with Dorian Wright (Glow Flow Hawaii Label)

Interview with Dorian Wright (Label Manager) You describe Glow Flow Hawaii as a unique yoga experience that touches all the senses through body art, music, lighting and asana. Can you tell us a little bit more about all this? Glow Flow was an event we started in 2012 within our…

Mr Degri Portraits Solo Show

Portraits by Mr Degri Solo Show Review

Portraits by Mr Degri Solo Show Review Italian artist Mr Degri had his first solo show last weekend at the White Rabbit in Shoreditch. We met just recently in Hackney so we were more than happy to curate his first London show. Mr Degri has become known for his portrait…

Lucis Lamp

Lucis Lamp 16 Million Colour Wonder

Lucis Lamp 16 Million Colour Wonder We first set eyes on the Lucis Lamp whilst searching crowd funding network IndieGoGo. The campaign was already fully funded when we spotted the cubed shaped marvel. Dutch design company Innovative Brands successfully brought the Lucis Lamp to market. In fact, as we share…

Beams Festival Sydney Origami

BEAMS Arts Festival Australia 2016

BEAMS Arts Festival in Sydney 2016 The Spirit of Sydney’s New Heart BEAMS Arts Festival: Saturday 17 September, 5-10pm Sydney, 23 August 2016 – Chippendale has become the talk of the town; now Sydney’s premier arts, food and lifestyle destination for both domestic and international visitors alike. Showcasing Chippendale as…

Mr Degri Portraits Pop-Up Show

Portraits – Mr Degri (Italy)

Portraits – Mr Degri (Italy) Luca De-Gradi aka Mr.Degri In the age of selfies portrait art has a greater impact on society than ever before in history. Portrait art evokes the desired emotion in most cases whereas iconic subjects can present a variety of layers depending on the complexity of…