LSD Magazine is the end product of a collaboration between two experienced creative minds on a mission to promote grass-roots art and artists to the world at large. The founders Wayne Anthony (Class of 88) and Sirius23 drew the brave and bold to the magazine. On a budget of zero pounds the duo produced ten issues between 2009 & 2013  publishing from 350-500 pages each issue.

The idea was never about promoting artists from either street art or graffiti fraternities as tradition often dictated. We wanted to build a platform that unifies all creative endeavors under one umbrella. This coupled with music, world culture and art concepts are the main driving force of the project. Having no previous experience building websites, creating magazines or even graphic design the founders who actually live in two different countries and met via the internet. Set out on a long haphazard journey to produce the magazine and market the journal globally with ZERO BUDGET.

Their ethos attracted some huge names to the magazine who gladly gave up hours of their time to speak to either Wayne Anthony, Sirius23 or another member of Team LSD. The interviews were as far ranging as covering the biggest names in the world of street art graffiti but we also interviewed legendary characters such as Goldie, Norman Jay, Tyree Cooper, Noam Chomsky, Douglas Rushkoff, Chuck D,  Bill Board Liberation Front, Ron English, DJ Pierre, Bill Drummond, Austin Heap, and many many more…

Wayne Anthony has been hailed a pioneer since the late nineteen eighties when along with two friends they staged some of the biggest illegal parties in British history. Wayne’s company Genesis’88 is highly respected for the contributions made to the birth of what’s today commonly termed the rave scene. Then called Acid House Wayne was a central driving force in staging some of the most memorable events of the nineteen eighties. He is named and accredited in over forty five published books on the subject of Acid House or early rave culture. Wayne wrote his own biography in 1999 which went on to become a best seller. Class of 88 – The True Acid House Experience (published by Virgin Books) now exchanges hands for up to £500 and considered a cult classic. He has continued to champion innovative concepts from then until now.

LSD Magazine is unique in its approach to the creative fields and cannot be easily quantified which again was one of the deciding factors behind the collaboration. Many of the creative’s interviewed had confessed to never having such an in-depth interview with a media company much less a digital magazine. The interviews themselves are timeless so we decided to upload all the interviews to this website. To find the interviews just search for ‘LSD Interviews or follow link at bottom of page. The founders support team have been invaluable to the project and making of the global platform.

Respect to the Founders / Editors and Team LSD


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