Abstract Art of French Artist Moontain

We’re sent many abstract works of art on a daily basis but French artist Moontain’s work really caught our eye. The richly painted canvases are quite stunning in appearance, Moontain makes great effort to complete each and every artwork. The style itself is almost spiritual in conception and reminds us of Native Americans to some degree. The artist has a keen interest in the human experience and appreciates every millisecond spent on planet earth.

Moontain_MUK_11 Moontain_MUK_2 Moontain_MUK_3 Moontain_MUK_4 Moontain_MUK_5 Moontain_MUK_6 Moontain_MUK_7 Moontain_MUK_8 Moontain_MUK_9 Moontain_MUK_10