Aero Electric Bicycle Now on IndieGoGo

Aero eBike

Crowd Fund the Foldable Ebike from Aero Weebot

French design team Aero Weebot have launched their futuristic looking e-bike on IndieGoGo. This is probably the first smart-bike that actually looks like an electric bicycle. The minimalist design team have keep the electric vehicle very simple with three different modes to cover any situation. The portable design ensures complete mobility, allowing its rider to take the e-bike just about anywhere. The campaign has just launched on crowd funding network IndieGoGo, requesting funding to the tune of $80,000. Great perks are available to early backers so now is a good time to join the party, projects like this one usually get funded beyond their requested figure.



Aero eBike

Aero eBike Aero eBike


Aero eBike


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