Aquasky Top 5 Albums for a Hot Summers Day


Aquasky Selects Five Great Albums for Summer 2017

We’re ready for summer and so is Technique Recordings. 51 tracks, 2 DJ Mixes and loads of exclusive waiting to be unleashed on the Technique Summer 2017. We were lucky enough to catch up with Aquasky, who have made a come back to drum & bass, which is good news for everyone right?! The guys shared with us their top 5 albums to listen to on those hot summer days.
1. Herb Geller & Mark Murphy ‘An American In Hamburg’ 
We sampled a track from this album on our 1997 Reinforced release. Its an amazing jazz album. There is an instrumental version of this album but the one you want is the one with Mark singing. Mark is an old friend of mine who sadly passed recently, but we got to make 4 tunes with him when we made an album on Mr.Bongo in 2001.

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2. A Tribe Called Quest ‘Midnight Marauders’

The album that got me into producing. The power of the old Akai 950 lowpass filter shines on this album. One of, if not the best, hip hop album of all time. And the inner sleeve artwork with all your favourite rappers with headphones on, you can easily get lost staring at those pictures!


3. Global Communication ’76:14’

This album was always being played when we started Aquasky. This was the soundtrack for our drive home after going to Club Speed (Bukem and Fabios night in London) back in 95. We use to listen to the Bukem on the drive home (I am sure he had a weekly/monthly show midweek on Radio 1 back then) and when the show finished or we ran out of range, this CD was put on. Amazing album.


4. Brand Nubian ‘Everything Is Everything’

This is the first Brand Nubian album without Grand Puba Maxwell, but I have to say, I think its their best. Again, plenty of 950 filter action going on here so it was a big inspiration to me, as I use to make hip hop before we started Aquasky. I also got to see the Brand Nubian and Grand Puba the year before when I went to New York in 92 at a Zulu Nation Party, so it has some teenage memories for me.


5. Avro Part ‘Tabula Rasa’

This album is something else… a classical Estonian composer creates something sublime from start to finish. The other guys in Aquasky use to joke about how I would always want to add strings and pads to all our tunes… I love that classical structure, and this album ticks all the boxes for a string section fanatic like me!


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