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The global village is rapidly shrinking for street art graffiti artists, invites to paint in faraway places are coming in thick and fast byway of social media. We all speak variations of the same tongue in terms of creativity but there are certainly moments when you wished every conversation didn’t have to be explained to you because of language barriers. Fortunately in most countries locals have a basic grasp of the English tongue which makes conversation easier than communicating using common terminology.

The TranSay Touch on Kickstarter has long past its target on the crowd funding network, which hopefully means it will go into production. The hand-held device boasts of instantly translating 32 languages into the desired dialect. You speak into the TranSay Touch triggering an instant translation by way of an internal speaker. Sounds really cool if it works how developers have promised. If so, you’ll be single-handedly navigating your own way through foreign lands, painting with local artists and mingling with the community from day one.

As for their professionally produced video featured above, well, you be the judge of that.

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