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Aurga Smart DSLR Assistant & Cloud Storage

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Aurga World’s First Smart DSLR Assistant & Cloud Storage

We shoot hundreds of photographs a month during a variety of weather systems, cold and wet mostly but then we do live in London. We shoot street art graffiti which by its very nature is temporary and expendable. We may only get an opportunity to photograph a piece once, before its either tagged with graffiti or completely replaced by another temporary artwork. It’s important we get the right shot first time, we tend to send professionals and take comfort we’re actually get the photograph.

The Aurga on Kickstarter may well be the solution to a long term problem. A handy little gadget fitting nicely onto a DSLR. If it works the way its presented in the video, it could be a game changer in terms of shooting picture perfect photography. The campaign long matched the requested funds so we’ll get to see the gadget in May. We plan on reviewing the the little units in due course.

“Although smartphone cameras have improved greatly over the last few years, professional photographers know that there is no substitute for high quality DSLR images . Our product adds the convenience of smartphone control and the power of Artificial Intelligence to automatically select the optimal camera settings so that every shot is perfect. Now, any one can achieve professional results at the touch of a button”. ═čPhoenix Chen, CEO & Founder of Aurga


Aurga Smart DSLR Assistant & Cloud Storage

Aurga Smart DSLR Assistant & Cloud Storage



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