Banksy Walled Off Hotel in Palestine Opening Soon

Banksy Walled Off

Banksy Walled Off Hotel in Palestine Open 20th March

We know you’re thinking this could be a joke from the illusive street artist but this is no prank. The Banksy Walled Off hotel in Bethlehem, Palestine is open for business throughout the centenary year of 2017, which marks British control of the country.

“It’s exactly 100 years since Britain took control of Palestine and started rearranging the furniture with chaotic results, I don’t know why, but it felt like a good time to reflect on what happens when the United Kingdom makes a huge political decision without fully comprehending the consequences.” Banksy

Solely funded by the artist with rooms customised by Banksy, Sami Must and Dominique Petrin. The hotels scenic rooms have floor to ceiling views of graffiti covered concrete as well as a real army watchtower. Each room features original artworks from the artists with firm warnings in place for opportunistic light fingered guests hoping to grab a bargain for the price of a hotel room.

Artist Rooms – Scenic Rooms – Budget Rooms – Presidential Rooms

The facilities include a Banksy decorated piano bar with a remote control piano, an independent gallery exhibiting historic artworks of Palestinian artists, shop and museum. Guests have twenty four hour access to a fully stocked graffiti supplies store called Wall*Mart, which is located next door to Walled Off.


These questions were taken from the Banksy website…

Why open a hotel there? What’s wrong with Shoreditch?

This place is the centre of the universe – every time God comes to earth it seems to happen near here. The architecture and landscape are stunning, the food delicious and the current situation remarkable and touching. This is a place of immense spiritual and political significance – and very good falafel. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed. *

* not actually legally enforceable

Our security

The hotel contains valuable works of art, some of which you are permitted to lock yourself alone with overnight. As a consequence, a $1000 deposit will be taken on a credit / debit card at check in *. All rooms will be inspected prior to departure, so please allow at least 15 minutes for check-out. The artwork here has been donated to the community and their struggle & any person found attempting to steal from them, or deface hotel property, will be arrested, transported to the police station in Ramallah and prosecuted to the full extent of local law.

* excluding the budget bunk beds

Is it anti-Semitic?

Definitely not. The Walled Off Hotel is an entirely independent leisure facility set up and financed by Banksy. It is not aligned to any political movement or pressure group. The aim is to tell the story of the wall from every side and give visitors the opportunity to discover it for themselves. We offer an especially warm welcome to young Israelis. Absolutely no fanaticism is permitted on the premises.

Is it safe?

Yes. The hotel is located in a bustling area fully open to tourists from across the world. It has all the restaurants, bars and taxis you’d expect. We’re 500 metres from the checkpoint to Jerusalem and a mile from the centre of Bethlehem. The official British Foreign Office advice declares it a safe place to visit – and like any holiday you should check the FCO website or equivalent before travelling.


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