JonOne The Fall

Hand Cut 27 Colour Lithograph JonOne

New Lithograph from JonOne “A beautiful harmony of colors. What is it all about ? Movement, action and of course the art of calligraphy, writing my name. It’s been a long story and at times, I’ve looked at my art working and have just been amazed by evolution. And here…

Akse P19 Crew

Akse P19 Crew Hyperrealistic Characters

Akse P19 Crew Hyperrealistic Characters French graffiti writer Akse has been based in Manchester since 1997 and didn’t waste any time familiarising himself with local walls and graffiti crews. He started painting in 1992 and became a member of the P19 Crew in France. As time marched on he made…

Swed Portraits

French Graffiti Writer Swed Portraits

French Graffiti Writer Swed Portraits 2016 Graffiti writer Swed (Smoke Wall Every Day) literally lives up to the name and does his utmost best to paint every day of the year. The Frenchman fluctuates between styles and often paints hyperrealistic portraits. We’ve highlighted his work frequently on our Facebook page…

Moon Landing in France by MPC Crew

Moon Landing in France by MPC Crew

Moon Landing in France by MPC Crew In 1969 Neil Armstrong and fellow astronauts were said to have landed on the moon with less computing power than an iPhone 4. Those old enough remember those fable words as they watched almost live as Neil touched down on the surface of…

Pariz One & Gregory Herpe

Meeting of Styles France (Perpignan) 2016

Meeting of Styles France (Perpignan) Texts & Photos by Gregory Herpe The last week of July, the world of Street Art rendezvoused in Perpignan at Meeting of Styles France, an international festival of graffiti & urban culture. Within the superb setting of the Arsenal and Casa Musicale, against the backdrop…

Tattoo Machine Prosthesis

First Steampunk Tattoo Machine Prosthesis

Tattoo Machine Prosthesis French tattoo artist JC Sheitan Tenet lost an arm twenty two years ago and doubted whether he’d be able to draw artwork or tattoos ever again. Flash forward some years and steampunk artist JL Gonzal produced what’s being hailed as the worlds first tattoo machine prosthesis. If…

Logick Graffiti in France

Logick Graffiti in France

French graffiti writer Logick has been painting these iconic figures for years now. These are but a few images taken from his large body of work which you can find on his Flickr profile. Memories of those classic movies come flooding back as Logick defines the youth of a generation….

Olivier Roubieu Street Art

Scarlett Johansson by Olivier Roubieu

UK based French artist Olivier Roubieu painted this gorgeous Scarlett Johansson piece in Blackall Street last week. The artists fuses both graffiti and street art techniques to complete his well thought out artworks.   Olivier Roubieu Website Olivier Roubieu Instagram

Hom Nguyen Artworks

Canvas Works of Hom Nguyen

We love the passionate expression of French artist Hom Nguyen’s canvas work which is why we couldn’t resist featuring him on the blog. Using mixed mediums such as charcoals or oils the artist evokes a true sense of drama on each canvas he paints. Hom Nguyen loves what he does…

Retro Graffiti in France

RetroGraffitism in Paris

Parisan graffiti writer Retro created his own RetroGraffitism brand in France and really pushes the format as far as creating letters is concerned. The colourful abstract pieces blend shapes, letters and characters to produce high quality works. RETROGRAFFITISM WEBSITE RETROGRAFFITISM FACEBOOK