Mross Tollwood Festival

Street Art Collaboration for Tollwood Festival Germany

Hartl, Lapiz and Mross Team Up For Tollwood Festival The motto of this winter’s Tollwood festival is ‘All of Us’ (can change the world). For this, three renowned street artists were chosen to create individual murals. Tollwood is Europe’s largest organic food and art fest which also features live music acts…

Origami Wolf Airborne Mark 5

Airborne Mark Origami Street Art in Stockwell

Origami Wolf by Airborne Mark in London Origami street art maestro Airborne Mark spends much time bending paper and concrete walls. The artist has occupied the origami street art space for some years now. No challenge appears to phase the artist whom produces a new piece on a daily basis….

Ben Eine Ultimate Christmas Card

Ben Eine Creates Christmas Card for Art on a Postcard

Ben Eine Unique Christmas Card This Christmas Ben Eine has teamed up with Art on a Postcard and Jealous Print Studios to create the ultimate Christmas Card.  A one colour screen print on a hand finished spray painted background, means every print is a one off. Each card will be…

JDL in Malaysia

Dutch Artist JDL Chats with LSD Magazine

Female Dutch Sensation JDL Paints Mural in Malaysia Award winning Dutch street artist JDL was recently painting in Malaysia. The dedicated artist has had a fruitful twenty seventeen, having created murals in different parts of the world, collaborated with major charities and winning the Young Talent award at the Dutch…

Italian street artist Daniele Nitti

Italian Street Artist Daniele Nitti in Naples

“I am close to you” A New Mural by Italian Street Artist Daniele Nitti  “Je sto vicino a te” (I am close to you) is the latest mural created by Italian artist Daniele Nitti (Hope) in the Parco dei Murales of Ponticelli (Naples, Italy), dedicated to the theme of solidarity.  Over…

EGO by Julieta x Bifido

Julieta x Bifido Paint Saint Rafael Church Spain

EGO by Julieta x Bifido – Spain Dynamic street art duo Julieta x Bifido formed a unique partnership they called the Two Dots Project. As individuals they care about the planet and all of its people, as artists they can share their visions with the world at large. This is…

SpiderTag Sweden

Neon SpiderTag Street Art in Sweden

Spanish Street Artist SpiderTag Tags Sweden Ever since SpiderTag discovered his new method for creating his unique to space installations, the artist has taken his craft to new levels. Invitations from around the world flooded in and SpiderTag has been working in faraway places.       ARTIST WEBSITE   …

Ozmo Italy

Ozmo & Moneyless Collaboration in Italy

Ozmo & Moneyless Paint for Wall in Art (3rd Edition) Urban Art comes back into the heart of the rural villages of Camonica Valley. The international renowned artists MONEYLESS, OZMO and the Camunian collective ART OF SOOL, ideally picking up the baton of the local ancient masters, installed their contemporary…

Kraser Odessarium

Fresh Works in Ukraine from Spanish Artist Kraser

Kraser Paints Two Huge Murals in Odessa Spanish artist Kraser is a regular on this blog. He specialises in painting large colourful murals on the sides of buildings around the globe. Kraser often paints abstract pieces with animals as the central feature. The strong vibrant artwork unites local communities and…

Awer One Italy

Fresh Works in Italy by Awer One

Awer One New Mural for Zona N G 6.16 Deep thinking Awer One loves nothing more than painting the visions from within the depths of his subconscious mind. When he paints an open space with his signature style, the artwork highlights a partnership between one world and a environment rarely…