Dutch Street Art Awards

Dutch Street Art Awards in Amsterdam 2017

Dutch Street Art Awards in the City of Amsterdam Last year Amsterdam Street Art and Boomerang Create joined forces to present the perfectly executed Dutch Street Art Awards. The game is rapidly evolving in terms of legal walls and commissioned projects. These days some street artists will only paint on…

Colour the Community Kenya

Colour the Community Kenya IndieGoGo

Crowd Funding Art Projects in Africa – Colour the Community We all know how important art can be for the mind, body and soul, we have an emotional reaction when either taking part or standing back engaging our conscious streams. In under developed countries art is often way down on…

Jay Kaes

Jay Kaes Mural on Pedley Street East London

Street Artist Jay Kaes Pedley Street Mural London based artist Jay Kaes has painted this twice in the last few months. The sci-fi themed murals feature smartphones as part of the central theme, befitting the people shooting photos on their devices. The Spanish artist is widely known for the colourful…

Subdude & Angus

Brick Lane Paste Up Street Art in London

Paste Up Street Art Photography in East London We were out and about shooting art over the sunny weekend, when in hindsight its wasn’t the best idea, unless of course you appreciate large crowds and long pauses between taking clear shots. Numerous street art tours seem to have quickly replaced…

K-Guy Votes for Women

Altruism vs Narcissism Brick Lane by K-Guy

Emmeline Pankhurst vs Kim Kardashian K-Guy Street Art Street Artist K-Guy pulls no punches with his depiction of two powerful females protesting for very different reason. In the red corner we have British political activist and leader of the British Suffragette Movement. An organisation with the sole objective of winning…

Flam Chen

Flam Chen Pyrotechnic Theatre Company USA

Flam Chen Collective of Creative Souls You cant typecast Flam Chen into one category or another without downplaying their skills in other sectors. Founded in 1995  this collective of creative minds banded together with but one objective. To amaze, dazzle and entertain as many souls as they can possibly reach….

Hackney Wick Old School Graffiti

Hackney Wick Old School Graffiti Takeover

Old School Graffiti in Hackney Wick Anyone visiting the area can tell you the walls wasn’t always covered in graffiti like seen today in Hackney Wick. Old school Graffiti writers are often thought of in terms of vandals indiscriminately painting anything standing in their way. If this were true we’d…

F CK Che

New Silkscreen Cuban Prints by Italy’s F CK

F CK SILKSCREEN CUBAN TRILOGY After the great success of screen printing Anti Trump F CK MP TR C BA 17 two other local players were added to the Cubans and that ‘to date and become entitled to TRILOGY SERIGRAFICA F CK CUBAN. Made with a limited run of 80…

Done Know Hackney Wick Street Art

Hackney Wick Street Art Quadrant Hoardings

 Changing Face of Hackney Wick In the not-so-distant future Hackney’s skylines will be completely transformed. Nowhere is this more apparent than Hackney Wick, which currently resembles a huge construction site. It wasn’t long ago we personally roamed the dark unwelcoming streets of the industrial complex. The early nineteen eighties are…

Mr Degri Alighiero Boetti

Alighiero Boetti Street Art by Mr Degri in London

Conceptual Artist Alighiero Boetti Dedication It’s always good to catch up with our old friend Mr Degri. The Italian lives between London and his home country of Italy. When in town the artist likes to keep himself very busy and paints as often as possible. He experiments with different styles,…