Said Dokins & Leo Luna Heliographies Netherlands

Said Dokins & Leo Luna Heliographies in Netherlands

Heliographies of Memory by Said Dokins & Leo Luna The term street art encompasses a variety of traditions, two of the most common practises utilises paint and paste up posters to convey depth or meaning. Master calligrapher Said Dokins has been pushing the boundaries of his art-form by using light…

Patrik Proško - Denmark 2017

Patrik Proško Landscape Interventions Northern Europe

Patrik Proško Ten Interventions in Five States Czech visual artist Patrik Proško is fresh off a two month trip to the northern tip of Europe. The artist’s unique interventions have been featured on the website in the past. Very much at home in the wilderness of nature, you’ll find his…

Said Dokins

Said Dokins Leo Luna New Light Calligraphy Project

Said Dokins and Leo Luna Light Calligraphy Germany Said Dokins is currently on European tour and this is the next installation in Dresden, Germany. The artist utilises different disciplines to fully convey his visions and concepts. ‘Heliographies of Memory is a long-term project that explores diverse social and historical relations…

Said Dokins

Said Dokins Heliographies of Memory

Light Interventions by Said Dokins The multi-talented Mexican artist is presenting his latest calligraphic based project in Europe over the summer. Said Dokins is widely known for painting large scale symbolic murals which makes this exhibition pretty special. Heliographies of Memory, a series of calligraphic actions where, instead of brush…

Colour the Community Kenya

Colour the Community Kenya IndieGoGo

Crowd Funding Art Projects in Africa – Colour the Community We all know how important art can be for the mind, body and soul, we have an emotional reaction when either taking part or standing back engaging our conscious streams. In under developed countries art is often way down on…

Flam Chen

Flam Chen Pyrotechnic Theatre Company USA

Flam Chen Collective of Creative Souls You cant typecast Flam Chen into one category or another without downplaying their skills in other sectors. Founded in 1995  this collective of creative minds banded together with but one objective. To amaze, dazzle and entertain as many souls as they can possibly reach….

Rockit Logs

Rockit Logs Hand Crafted Speakers IndieGoGo

Rockit Logs Hand Crafted Speakers IndieGoGo The Rockit Log was recently crowd funded on Kickstarter which in short means you can no longer order them from that network. A quick visit to their IndieGoGo Indemand page and you can still order a Rockit Log of your choice. Portmanteau Stereo Co…

Gille Monte Ruici Robot Sculptures

Gille Monte Ruici Sculptured Bots

Gille Monte Ruici Sculptured Bots French artist Gille Monte Ruici builds sculptures from recovered materials such as kitchen utensils or mechanics tools. We suspect no metals are safe from his workshop whenever he’s around. If he sees a shape or form he likes then we’re pretty sure he’ll find a…

Portrait & Lanscape Artist of Year

Portrait & Landscape Artist Of The Year Competition

Portrait & Landscape Artist Of The Year Competition Portrait Artist Of The Year (PAOTY) and Landscape Artist Of The Year (LAOTY). Now in its 5th year the Artist of the Year series have become Sky Art’s highest rating programmes, earning a reputation as respected competitions in their own right and…

Neo smartpen Ottchil Edition

Neo Smartpen N2 Ottchil Edition Kickstarter

Neo Smartpen N2 Ottchil Edition Kickstarter The creators of our favourite smartpen have teamed up with Korean professor and artisan Professor Yun to produce a unique Ottchil edition of the Neo Smartpen N2. We collaborated with their team and ran an art competition where the winner won their Kim Jung…