Snik in Brick Lane

UK based artist Snik has been painting for over a decade now. He has painted pieces across the globe and has a busy summer lined up for 2014.  This piece was painted in Brick Lane just weeks ago… SNIK WEBSITE SNIK FACEBOOK

Alexander “Sasha” Theodore Shulgin RIP

Alexander “Sasha” Theodore Shulgin (June 17, 1925 – June 2, 2014) was an American medicinal chemist, biochemist, pharmacologist, psychopharmacologist, and author. Shulgin is credited with introducing MDMA (an ingredient of “ecstasy”) to psychologists in the late 1970s for psychopharmaceutical use. He discovered, synthesized, and personally bioassayed over 230 psychoactive compounds,…

Jamie Harkin’s 3D Sand Art

New Zealand’s Jamie Harkin has been creating waves with these stunning 3D pieces created by shifting sand on the beach.  Although a fully fledged mixed media artist Jamie has become internationally known for his creations. Jamie Harkin Facebook

People in the Woods by Jana JS

Artist Jana & JS have been painting their way around Europe for the last few years now.   The Austrian French couple recently painted these pieces on trees in the forest… JANA JS WEBSITE JANA JS FACEBOOK

London Fields Hall of Fame – May 2014

Originally  basketball court in an area in Hackney where basketball has never taken precedent over football. I’ve zoned in on this area when in fact Hackney has always been a basketball free zone. Today it’s used for five-a-side football although more painting happens here than sports. This Hall of Fame…

Pencil & Crayon Cravings by Diem Chau

A lot must said for anyone that has the patience and sense of detail to create such defined lines and shapes. Diem Chau’s patience means we can enjoy the splendors of the finished product and marvel at her creations. DIEM CHAU WEBSITE DIEM CHAU FACEBOOK

Australian Fives by Bunch of 5’s

Australian artist Bunch of 5’s has been creating these small wonders of art for quite some time now. The anonymous artist risks imprisonment for defacing Australian five dollar bills and worst still…Defacing her-lady-ship in days gone by would have amounted to a beheading. Today, defacing anything featuring the faces of…

Samuel Silva Ballpoint Drawings

Anyone could be forgiven for thinking these drawings are photos or even photoshop but artist Samuel Silva’s ballpoint work can fool the keenest of eyes. We’ve been fans for a while now and always happy to blog this amazing work. SAMUEL SILVA FACEBOOK SAMUEL SILVA DEVIANTART