Ben Eine Largest Mural

Eine Paints Huge Create Mural in London

Eine Produces 17,000sqm Create Mural in East London The news is finally out in mainstream media, Ben Eine has produced his largest mural too date. The huge piece took the artist weeks to paint in East London and everyone on site was sworn to complete secrecy.  Eine chose his band…

Twenty Eighteen Day One

Day One Brick Lane London Twenty Eighteen

Welcome to 2018AD London lay dormant on the first day of a new year, global revellers having celebrated like the end of days are now going through a long-winded recovery process. We wanted to capture art already painted on walls for this the first day of twenty eighteen. It was…

Origami Wolf Airborne Mark 5

Airborne Mark Origami Street Art in Stockwell

Origami Wolf by Airborne Mark in London Origami street art maestro Airborne Mark spends much time bending paper and concrete walls. The artist has occupied the origami street art space for some years now. No challenge appears to phase the artist whom produces a new piece on a daily basis….


Dynamickart Paints Sioux Chief at Nomadic

Sioux Chief in Nomadic Gardens by Dynamickart Meeting of Styles means exactly that, artists of different persuasions group together to produce a feral kaleidoscope of creativity. Street artist Dynamickart was one of the many artists painting this year. The portrait of a Sioux chief sits proudly in the gardens, adding…

Meeting of Styles UK

Meeting of Styles UK New Walls 2017

More Murals & Pieces from Meeting of Style UK Artists painting for Meeting of Styles UK were spread around the Nomadic Community Gardens perimeter. Graffiti writers and street artists dazzled visitors and raised eyebrows for two sun-kissed days in London. Dozens of new artworks were created over the two day…

Main Wall MOS

Meeting of Styles UK London 2017

Meeting of Styles UK – Nomadic Community Gardens Shoreditch As fans of street art graffiti you’ll never be disappointed when attending Meeting of Styles UK. A global brand with different meets around the world, MOS UK is among the best events in the United Kingdom. Dozens of internationally renowned writers…


Spanish Street Artist BublegumSR Portrait

BublegumSR Paints for Meeting of Styles UK Spanish artist BublegumSR flew into London especially for Meeting of Styles UK. He often paints photoreal portraits but collaborates with various graffiti writers in Barcelona and paints stunning fusions of both formats. The piece sparked many a conversation between passing tourists shooting artwork…

Airborne Mark Cash Cow

Airborne Mark Origami Cash Cow in Penge

Airborne Mark Origami Street Art The all singing and dancing street artist painted another origami street art piece in town. When not painting or creating origami models the artist spends most of his time in the studio recording new music. ‘I have been designing as always. The new piece is…


Geometric Street Art in London by Okuda

Brick Lane Okuda Geometric Street Art If you enjoy street art graffiti but never been to Barcelona or Madrid, you wont regret any trips to these magnificent cities. The sun-drenched Spanish mainland produces an array of colourful art-forms to stimulate our senses and massage our visual cortex. Born in the…

Jay Kaes

Jay Kaes Mural on Pedley Street East London

Street Artist Jay Kaes Pedley Street Mural London based artist Jay Kaes has painted this twice in the last few months. The sci-fi themed murals feature smartphones as part of the central theme, befitting the people shooting photos on their devices. The Spanish artist is widely known for the colourful…