Street Art Jobs

Street Art Jobs Connecting People to Artists

Street Art Jobs Sponsored by LSD Magazine Introducing a brand new service you totally need but didn’t realise it until now. Street Art Jobs was devised to bring people and street art graffiti artists closer together. The advent of the internet has greatly increased street art graffiti popularity around the…

Patrik Proško - Denmark 2017

Patrik Proško Landscape Interventions Northern Europe

Patrik Proško Ten Interventions in Five States Czech visual artist Patrik Proško is fresh off a two month trip to the northern tip of Europe. The artist’s unique interventions have been featured on the website in the past. Very much at home in the wilderness of nature, you’ll find his…

Land and Street Art by Patrik Proško

Land and Street Art by Patrik Proško

Land and Street Art by Patrik Proško Visual artist Patrik Proško takes a different approach to the art he produces for the public domain. We’ve posted the Czech artist’s unusual works in the past except this time the artist has worked his magic across Europe. Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Corsica…

Chemis Graffiti Videos

ChemiS Graffiti Videos

Czech graffiti writer ChemiS produces stunning hyperrealistic pieces on an epic scale. He spends much of his time travelling the world painting in different spots with local writers.  We met the softly spoken artist last year at our Malta Street Art Festival so have seen the artist paint in person….

Batman - Slider, Soten and Pauser

StreetArt Festival Olomouc – Czech Republic

StreetArt Festival Olomouc – The organizer Pauser took bigger bite this year by inviting top foreign street art and graffiti stars, such as Slider from Germany, Soten from Denmark and Mr.Dheo from Portugal. This bunch of very easy going people and great artists expressed themselves on two buildings in Olomouc….

Czech BF Crew Euro Road-Trip

Although many countries have adopted street art as their main focal point its great to see graffiti is still going strong around the world today. Nearly every country you care to name has its own homegrown graffiti crews which keep the art-form ahead of the game. The Czech based BF…

ChemiS – Malta Street Art Festival 2015

Czech graffiti writer ChemiS returned to Malta Street Art Festival for the second year running. ChemiS produces some stunning hyper-real pieces so it was great to watch the man in action. ChemiS brought the soundtrack to our stay in Malta as he doesn’t travel anywhere without his mini speaker sound…

Pausrr – Malta Street Art Festival 2015

Czech graffiti writer Pausrr spent many hours in Jerma Palace Hotel throwing up various pieces and tags. We wondered the large complex for days in search of good spots to paint. When you have a site as big as this abandoned hotel there’s so much choice its only right to…

Installations in the Czech Republic by Patrik Prosko

Czech artist Patrik Prosko takes his art from gallery to street to forest before deciding to fuse the two together.  I should point out that nature was not harmed during this process as the artist used fully biodegradable materials to complete his landscape visions.  We particularly like the Air Conditioner…

Czech Republic Street Art by PEOK

Peok has been painting the walls of the Czech Republic for years now. The local artist loves creating geometric shapes and lines with strong colours. Here are but a few murals he created… June 2014