Bifido & Julieta xlf

Bifido & Julieta XLF Collaboration Mural Greece

Bifido & Julieta XLF Deep Blue Mural Bifido joined forces with Spanish artist Julieta XLF to produce a unique mural in empathy of refugees and the migration process. The artists spent ten days in Volos, a neighbourhood chiefly occupied by refugees, where they consulted with migrants about their present situation…

Dizi Street Art in Leake Street

Dizi – Femme Fierce 2016

We went down to Leake Street on the day after the Femme Fierce event in the tunnel and bumped into Greek artist Dizi painting her latest wall. It’s the first time Dizi has been to the big city so she was more than impressed with the quanity and quality of…

WD Street Art - Late Night Tale

WD Street Art Late Night Tale Review

We’ve known artist WD Street Art for a few years now and we’ve also had the pleasure of working with the artist. WD Street Art is one of the most talented artists we’ve ever come across that uses rollers and extension poles. The hard working artist is a man of…

Fresh Paste Up by Bifido in Athens

Italian street artist Bifido was recently let loose in Athens with his paste up observational renditions. Bifido has titled the piece ‘Acropoli’ after the ancient citadel in the old city.  See below for some past works from the artist…   Bifido Facebook  

Spidertag in Greece

We’ve been following Spidertag for years now so post his work whenever we can. The artist has started painting abstract backgrounds for the foundation of his string work. This piece was produced on rooftops in Athens, Greece for a street art event.   SPIDERTAG FACEBOOK SPIDERTAG WEBSITE  

Refugees Welcome – Vlady Art

Immigration is a fiercely debated topic of varied opinions and quick fix remedies. Street artists around the world are expressing their viewpoint in a visual manner as per usual. Vlady Art recently produced this piece in Kalamaria/Thessaloniki, Greece.   VLADY ART WEBSITE  

WD Street Art – Malta Street Art Festival 2015

We’ve been communicating with WD for a few years now so it was great to finally meet him in person. WD was the first artist selected to paint an ex-issue UK police riot helmet for our Peace Helmet Project. Suffice to say the helmet looks stunning but more of the…

Random Future in Athens by ino

‘In a country that has been financially destroyed by the politicians, the crisis is rising. After the endless lies, the people don’t know what to believe. Will the handlings of the new government bring a better future or they will totally destroy the country?  Welcome to our random future.’ ino…

Black Forest by Don Forty

Put Don Forty in a darkened room and you’ll get results such as the Black Forest. Based in Athens, Greece the artist paints a variety of birds and subjects.   All Photos – Dimitris Vasiliou DON FORTY 

Colourful Ocean by Vaggelis Choursoglou

Colourful Ocean​ is an abstraction creation influenced by elements of current political reality. This is an image in which colours, objects, shapes, and meanings are interconnected in a continuous flow. By employing abstract elements in my work I am attempting to alter modern urban structure. It is an effort to…