Graffiti Photographers United

New Book Graffiti Photographers United Out Now

Graffiti Photographers United Celebrates Writers Painting Trains These days when the general public think of graffiti, they’re normally referring to the variety found on walls. Spotting painted trains is a much rarer occurrence in certain cities, due mostly to securer locations coupled with modern technology and CCTV analytics’s. In European…

Said Dokins & Leo Luna Heliographies Netherlands

Said Dokins & Leo Luna Heliographies in Netherlands

Heliographies of Memory by Said Dokins & Leo Luna The term street art encompasses a variety of traditions, two of the most common practises utilises paint and paste up posters to convey depth or meaning. Master calligrapher Said Dokins has been pushing the boundaries of his art-form by using light…

JDL in Malaysia

Dutch Artist JDL Chats with LSD Magazine

Female Dutch Sensation JDL Paints Mural in Malaysia Award winning Dutch street artist JDL was recently painting in Malaysia. The dedicated artist has had a fruitful twenty seventeen, having created murals in different parts of the world, collaborated with major charities and winning the Young Talent award at the Dutch…

Trono Chair

Ultimate Comfort My Trono Air Inflatable Chairs

The No Fuss Trono Chairs Are Super Comfy Trono chairs are hands down the coolest accessory of the summer and beyond. Having spent some of Sunday lounging around in Victoria Park we can confidently say this is defiantly the most comfortable chair we’ve ever sat on outside in the open….

Dutch Street Art Awards

Dutch Street Art Awards in Amsterdam 2017

Dutch Street Art Awards in the City of Amsterdam Last year Amsterdam Street Art and Boomerang Create joined forces to present the perfectly executed Dutch Street Art Awards. The game is rapidly evolving in terms of legal walls and commissioned projects. These days some street artists will only paint on…

ASA Dutch Street Art Awards

International Submissions Dutch Street Art Awards

ASA Dutch Street Art Awards 2017 – International Artist Our friends at Amsterdam Street Art (ASA) are organising their second annual street art award ceremony in Holland. The first Dutch Street Art Awards show was a roaring success and this years presentations will be even better. ASA recognised the importance…

The Lucid Dreamer on Kickstarter

The Lucid Dreamer Device on Kickstarter

The Lucid Dreamer Device on Kickstarter We’ve all awoken from a dream hoping the dream was actually reality at some stage in our lives. That’s if you even remember the dream in the first place. On a personal note we endorse the ability to awaken within a dream and control…

Dutch Graffiti April Photo - WojoFoto

Dutch Graffiti (April)

We try to post at least two posts a month dedicated to graffiti in Holland. Our happy snapper WojoFoto is out everyday of the year shooting graffiti street art in different cities. Although street art has captured the general public’s attention Dutch graffiti has kept true to form. Graffiti writers…

Sticker Art in Holland - WojoFoto

Sticker Art in Amsterdam

Sticker art or slap up’s are a global phenomena carried out by thousands of individuals broadcasting their art and messages. It goes back to childhood and the many stickers books available for collecting and and sticking those stickers. When it comes to street art graffiti stickers are called slap up’s…

Graffiti in Denbosch Holland by WojoFoto

Graffiti in Denbosch Holland 2016 – WojoFoto

Graffiti writers in Holland have wasted no time in repainting their city walls for the beginning of a new year. Writers across the country have been out in force throughout the month of January. We searched for information on this historic Dutch city and found a wealth of knowledge pertaining…