Massive Attack by Melissa Cheman sm

New Book on Massive Attack By Melissa Chemam

Massive Attack – Out of the Comfort Zone Melissa Chemam Melissa Chemam’s book Massive Attack – Out of the Comfort Zone discusses, analyses and presents the unique development of the band Massive Attack through a story of the band’s members and the group’s gestation in the inner city cultural melting…

Clubbed - A Visual History of UK Club Culture

Clubbed – A Visual History of UK Club Culture Kickstarter

Clubbed by Bill Brewster on Kickstarter The United kingdom is a nation of mad dogs, Englishmen and die-hard party animals. This small European rock has created and spurned a variety of globally embraced musical genres. The last thirty years have been dominated by dance music and culture, which erupted after…

Street Art Jobs

Street Art Jobs Connecting People to Artists

Street Art Jobs Sponsored by LSD Magazine Introducing a brand new service you totally need but didn’t realise it until now. Street Art Jobs was devised to bring people and street art graffiti artists closer together. The advent of the internet has greatly increased street art graffiti popularity around the…

Ben Eine Largest Mural

Eine Paints Huge Create Mural in London

Eine Produces 17,000sqm Create Mural in East London The news is finally out in mainstream media, Ben Eine has produced his largest mural too date. The huge piece took the artist weeks to paint in East London and everyone on site was sworn to complete secrecy.  Eine chose his band…

tiny t1 Zanco Phone

Fully Functional tiny t1 from Zanco on Kickstarter

World’s ‘Smallest’ Phone Fully Funded on Kickstarter The tiny t1 from Zanco could be the perfect tool for artists painting out on the streets. Rather than take the incredibly over-priced smartphones on painting trips, you’d be better off with the fully functional tiny t1. It’s cheap, cheerful and fully operational….

Beat Assassins Mixtape

New Mixtape & Free Back Catalogue from Beat Assassins

Beat Assassins Celebrate 2017 with Mixtape & Free Tunes Beat Assassins are celebrating two years in the music by producing a new mixtape of their past singles and remixes. They’re also giving away much of their back catalogue for free from their soundcloud profile. Celebrations have continued with the release…

Ben Eine Ultimate Christmas Card

Ben Eine Creates Christmas Card for Art on a Postcard

Ben Eine Unique Christmas Card This Christmas Ben Eine has teamed up with Art on a Postcard and Jealous Print Studios to create the ultimate Christmas Card.  A one colour screen print on a hand finished spray painted background, means every print is a one off. Each card will be…

A to Z of Drum and Bass Mix

The A to Z of Drum & Bass Mix from Soul.Crew

Drum & Bass MixTape by Soul.Crew Drum & Bass DJs and producers Soul.Crew have complied and mixed a variety of different tracks that cover the wide spectrum of Drum & Bass sub-genres. ‘We have called it the A to Z of Drum and Bass Mix as the first track starts…

Amy True - Concentrate

Concentrate by Amy True Out Now

First release From Amy True Debut Solo Album ’11’     Amy True is a unique breed of artist. Naturally gifted, soulful and authentic with a work ethic and longevity rarely seen in this current hype obsessed musical landscape. Amy represents proverbial rose amongst the thorns, in that true artistic…

Cianna Blaze

LSD Magazine interviews Rapper Cianna Blaze

Cianna Blaze On Fire EP & Life in Fast Lane There never seems to be enough time to sit down and chat with artists and artistes so we always appreciate interesting people stopping by for coffee, beer or organic shakes. Cianna Blaze has been lighting dance-floors on fire for years…