Goodbye to Kobra’s Iconic NYC Painting

When art dies before the artist – NYC Says Goodbye to Kobra’s Mural Street-art and graffiti rarely lasts a lifetime; however, there is something that feels sinful about destroying a piece of art that had such a profound and historical connection to the city that it inhabited. Brazilian artist Eduardo…

Flowsaber - Next-Generation Stunt Saber

Flowsaber Next Generation Stunt Saber Kickstarter

Crowd Funding Flowsaber Dreams of the Jedi We’ve wanted to own a sabre of any kind since first setting eyes on Obi Wan Kenobi in the 1970’s. Indeed we’ve purchased a variety of sabre’s over the years but none usually lasted longer than one sword fight. Unless you were willing…

Pothole Street Art Installation

Pothole Street Art Installation Project USA Kickstarter

Pothole Street Art Installations American artist Bachor was taught the ancient art of mosaic in Italy seventeen years ago. It wasn’t until 2013 the craftsman set his attention on pothole street art installations using this colourful technique rather than traditional asphalt. This year the artist has called on the support…

Flam Chen

Flam Chen Pyrotechnic Theatre Company USA

Flam Chen Collective of Creative Souls You cant typecast Flam Chen into one category or another without downplaying their skills in other sectors. Founded in 1995  this collective of creative minds banded together with but one objective. To amaze, dazzle and entertain as many souls as they can possibly reach….

F CK Che

New Silkscreen Cuban Prints by Italy’s F CK

F CK SILKSCREEN CUBAN TRILOGY After the great success of screen printing Anti Trump F CK MP TR C BA 17 two other local players were added to the Cubans and that ‘to date and become entitled to TRILOGY SERIGRAFICA F CK CUBAN. Made with a limited run of 80…

Moar Fat Tire Electric Bike

Moar Fat Tire Folding Frame Electric Bicycle IndieGoGo

Moar Fat Tire Electric Bicycle Looks Awesome We love an electric bike and crowd funding networks such as Indiegogo cannot be praised enough for providing an arena which encourages and supports innovations. If not for crowd funding it’s unlikely we’d ever see a majority of the products featured an any…

Minim All Weather

Minim All Weather Waterproof Pants Kickstarter

Minim All Weather Waterproof Pants Kickstarter The Minim pants are designed by the same crew that brought us the Kickstarter funded Sentri Hoodie. A product we covered during the campaign and later delighted on receiving the finished product. As outdoor people we own lots of waterproof kit but none as…

Dying to Know

Dying to Know Ram Dass & Timothy Leary IndieGoGo

Dying to Know Ram Dass & Timothy Leary IndieGoGo Dying to Know – The Feature Length Documentary Film This historic film by filmmaker, Gay Dillingham covers 80 years of footage and freshly addresses some of our most pressing contemporary taboos of death and drugs with consciousness and love.   20 years in…

We the People Inauguration Street Art Kickstarter

We the People Inauguration Street Art Kickstarter

We the People Inauguration Street Art Kickstarter It’s been eight years since Shepard Fairey’s iconic murals and posters appeared in cities around the states and beyond. Global media went into meltdown as the image was shared across their networks and social media on the scale of thousands per minute. This…

Steadicam Volt Smartphone Stabiliser

Steadicam Volt Smartphone Stabiliser on Kickstarter

Steadicam Volt Smartphone Stabiliser on Kickstarter A quick search of Kickstarter throws up a number of smartphone stabilisers that have already entered the commercial market. None we hasten to add have the reputation and experience within this field as the inventors of Steadicam. The tried and tested rigs have been…