Said Dokins & Leo Luna Heliographies Netherlands

Said Dokins & Leo Luna Heliographies in Netherlands

Heliographies of Memory by Said Dokins & Leo Luna The term street art encompasses a variety of traditions, two of the most common practises utilises paint and paste up posters to convey depth or meaning. Master calligrapher Said Dokins has been pushing the boundaries of his art-form by using light…

Predawn Film

Live Action Film Predawn on IndieGoGo

Predawn Film Up for Crowd Funding on IndieGoGo   Emmy Nominated Director Richard Bazley  (Ex-Disney Animator, Pocahontas, Hercules, Tarzan) and award Winning filmmaker Gary Young ( DOP and Winner of the Milan Film Festival and a Sundance Nominee)  have a new project. A Live Action film called Predawn set in…

Dying to Know

Dying to Know Ram Dass & Timothy Leary IndieGoGo

Dying to Know Ram Dass & Timothy Leary IndieGoGo Dying to Know – The Feature Length Documentary Film This historic film by filmmaker, Gay Dillingham covers 80 years of footage and freshly addresses some of our most pressing contemporary taboos of death and drugs with consciousness and love.   20 years in…


British Thriller UK18 Watch Now on Vimeo

British Thriller UK18 Watch Now on Vimeo Andrew Tiernan has been in the film making industry since childhood and starred in countless feature films, theatre productions and TV shows. Some readers may remember him playing the role of Ephialtes, the hunchback from the film 300. We’ve actually spoken at length…

Wall Writers Graffiti Film

Wall Writers Graffiti Pioneers Film 1967 – 1973

‘Wall Writers’ Graffiti Pioneers Film 1967 – 1973 Wall Writers feature length documentary explores the origins of the graffiti form in Philadelphia and New York between 1967 – 1973. The accompanying 350+ page book along with the film was conceived by Roger Gastman. Film-maker John Waters narrates the film whilst…

Youtube Heroes

Youtube Heroes or Villains Censor the Network

Youtube Heroes or Villains Censor the Network The YouTube community of content creators are planning on leaving the network in search of a new platform. If you’ve ever tried to grow a Youtube channel you’d know exactly how much time goes into building the channel. We have our own channel…

Paddy Doherty Documentary

Paddy Doherty Documentary on Kickstarter

Paddy Doherty Documentary You need only type Paddy D on YouTube to be presented with a huge list of videos showing the Irish traveller in extremely violent confrontations. So you may ask yourself, why on earth is anyone bothered about this dodgy character. Hard man Paddy Doherty warmed public hearts…

Stayblcam Video Stabliser

Stayblcam for Action Camera and Phones

This is one of the most useful tools you didn’t realise you needed but you do. We know what you’re thinking, you’re no professional so why or why would you ever need a Stayblcam and when exactly will you use it? Unless your feet are cemented to the ground this…

Eye in the Sky

5 Action Film Trailers

We love a good action film to take our minds away from the daily grind of city life.  By action we mean lots of moving vehicles, noisy weapons, and good guys versus bad guys. It’s the same story everytime although the production differs on each film. Directors combined with technology…

Logick Graffiti in France

Logick Graffiti in France

French graffiti writer Logick has been painting these iconic figures for years now. These are but a few images taken from his large body of work which you can find on his Flickr profile. Memories of those classic movies come flooding back as Logick defines the youth of a generation….