Facebook Bans

Artists Leaving Facebook for Instagram in Droves

Why Artists Are Turning Their Backs on Facebook Street art graffiti artists have been leaving Facebook and concentrating on their Instagram profiles for the last few years. Unhappy with the intrusive manner in which Facebook admins and community handle their content. It’s become commonplace for group / page admins or…

The Lucid Dreamer on Kickstarter

The Lucid Dreamer Device on Kickstarter

The Lucid Dreamer Device on Kickstarter We’ve all awoken from a dream hoping the dream was actually reality at some stage in our lives. That’s if you even remember the dream in the first place. On a personal note we endorse the ability to awaken within a dream and control…

Delirio at Restart Festival in Italy by Awer One

Delirio at Restart Festival in Italy by Awer One

Delirio at Restart Festival in Italy by Awer One Italian artist Awer One arrived in Imola for the Restart Festival with but one theme in his minds-eye. Immigration is being thrust down ours throats by media outlets and governments around the world. Awer One’s Delirio mural is his interpretation of…


What Happened at Burning Man 2016?

Burning Man 2016 Videos Thousands of people are currently rejuvenating from one of the most spectacular gatherings on earth. What started on a beach in San Francisco in 1986 has evolved into a full scale city in the middle of a desert. Each and every Burning Man since its conception…

Kim Jung-Gi 2016 Sketchbook

Kim Jung-Gi 2016 Sketchbook Out Now

Kim Jung-Gi 2016 Sketchbook Out Now Kim Jung-Gi is internationally renowned for his highly detailed drawings and sketchbooks. He appears in live drawing exhibitions staged across the world as well as live training videos on Youtube. The artist is more than happy to share his vast experience and drawing techniques…

Banksy is not 3D

Massive Attack’s 3D is not Street Artist Banksy

Massive Attack’s 3D is not Street Artist Banksy The obsession to unmask anonymous street artist Banksy reached new heights over the past week. Media outlets around the world are either reporting that 3D is Banksy or posing the question. None wish to fully commit as they’ve all fallen prey to…

Running Man Challenge

Police Running Man Challenge UK

In recent months Police Stations around the world have been locked into mass dance-off’s live on the internet. It’s called the Police Running Man Challenge and we’re not sure which police station threw the gauntlet down first but law enforcement have certainly stepped up to the plate. The bar was…

Bond Truluv Graffiti Germany

Bond Truluv (Germany) Graffiti Art

Bond Truluv has been painting walls for over a decade and widely known for experimentations with the graffiti letter form. If you’ve seen the artists most recent work, it leaves you wondering just how he was able to create such striking pieces. We met Truluv last year at the Malta…

Mear One Art Prints

Mear One Limited Edition Gicleé Prints

Old school graffiti legend Mear One has never been one to mince his words or express his thoughts on walls or canvases. The Los Angeles based artist paints intricate pieces depicting dire scenes of human existence. The artist whole heartedly believes the world is being manipulated by an unseen hand….

Wifi Signals by Luis Hernan

Wifi Signal Photography by Luis Hernan

When  sitting down to write this post on wifi signals and frequencies in general, I was interrupted by a friend who so happens to be an astrophysicist, master mathematician and PhD. I was quite excited to show him what wifi signals actually looked like but he laughed and commented it…