Main Wall MOS

Meeting of Styles UK London 2017

Meeting of Styles UK – Nomadic Community Gardens Shoreditch As fans of street art graffiti you’ll never be disappointed when attending Meeting of Styles UK. A global brand with different meets around the world, MOS UK is among the best events in the United Kingdom. Dozens of internationally renowned writers…


Spanish Street Artist BublegumSR Portrait

BublegumSR Paints for Meeting of Styles UK Spanish artist BublegumSR flew into London especially for Meeting of Styles UK. He often paints photoreal portraits but collaborates with various graffiti writers in Barcelona and paints stunning fusions of both formats. The piece sparked many a conversation between passing tourists shooting artwork…

Himalia EP

LSD Magazine Chats with Himalia on New EP

LSD Magazine Interviews Himalia Hi Dave AKA Himalia, thanks for chatting to us today. Let’s start with you telling us a little bit about yourself. Hey guys, My name is Dave Hinman and I’m a 28 year old producer from Lincoln. I’ve been producing properly for about 3-4 years now….

Said Dokins in Munich

Biggest Mural in Munich by Said Dokins

Said Dokins Paints 1000 m2 Mural in Germany Said Dokins is currently on European tour and stopping in selected cities to paint murals on his journey.  Whenever this artist is in town he likes to go big at every and any opportunity. The latest mural in the heart of Munich…

Said Dokins

Said Dokins Heliographies of Memory

Light Interventions by Said Dokins The multi-talented Mexican artist is presenting his latest calligraphic based project in Europe over the summer. Said Dokins is widely known for painting large scale symbolic murals which makes this exhibition pretty special. Heliographies of Memory, a series of calligraphic actions where, instead of brush…

Elbi Elem Festival Without Frontiers

Lunetta Sole for Festival Without Frontiers by Elbi Elem Italy

Fresh Paint in Italy by Elbi Elem The multi-talented artist works with varying materials and compositions. She has a great fondness for the silence of abandoned spaces and the memories left behind by the people that shared, lived or worked in that location. Such experiences lend weight to the outcome…

Misha Most World Record Breaking Mural

Record Breaking Street Art Mural by Misha Most

Misha Most Paints 10,000 Square Metre Mural Street artist Misha Most started painting a 10.000 square metres mural. According to organizers, it will be the largest monumental wall painting and will set a new Guinness world record. The fresco will be produced as part of ArtOvrag festival supported by the…

Airborne Mark Cash Cow

Airborne Mark Origami Cash Cow in Penge

Airborne Mark Origami Street Art The all singing and dancing street artist painted another origami street art piece in town. When not painting or creating origami models the artist spends most of his time in the studio recording new music. ‘I have been designing as always. The new piece is…


Aquasky Top 5 Albums for a Hot Summers Day

Aquasky Selects Five Great Albums for Summer 2017 We’re ready for summer and so is Technique Recordings. 51 tracks, 2 DJ Mixes and loads of exclusive waiting to be unleashed on the Technique Summer 2017. We were lucky enough to catch up with Aquasky, who have made a come back…

Kraser One Urban World

Kraser Mural One Urban World Cartagena Spain

Street Artist Kraser Latest Mural The One Urban World street art festival in Cartagena Spain has been inviting artists from around the world to paint walls and hang out with local artists. Spanish artist Kraser was commissioned for one of the walls and painted this multi-layered cheetah. The artist often…