Aurga Smart DSLR Assistant & Cloud Storage

Aurga Smart Camera Assistant on Kickstarter

Aurga World’s First Smart DSLR Assistant & Cloud Storage We shoot hundreds of photographs a month during a variety of weather systems, cold and wet mostly but then we do live in London. We shoot street art graffiti which by its very nature is temporary and expendable. We may only…

Massive Attack by Melissa Cheman sm

New Book on Massive Attack By Melissa Chemam

Massive Attack – Out of the Comfort Zone Melissa Chemam Melissa Chemam’s book Massive Attack – Out of the Comfort Zone discusses, analyses and presents the unique development of the band Massive Attack through a story of the band’s members and the group’s gestation in the inner city cultural melting…

TranSay Touch

Artists Need TranSay Touch on Kickstarter

TranSay Touch Perfect Tool for Travelling Adventures The global village is rapidly shrinking for street art graffiti artists, invites to paint in faraway places are coming in thick and fast byway of social media. We all speak variations of the same tongue in terms of creativity but there are certainly…

Golden Record

Voyager Golden Record 40th Anniversary Edition

Golden Record Produced by Humans for Aliens The year is 1976 NASA has teamed up with Carl Sagan in hope of producing a physical object that explains human beings on earth to extraterrestrials. The object was to be attached to Voyager 1 and launched into space. Today it’s said that…

Facebook Bans

Artists Leaving Facebook for Instagram in Droves

Why Artists Are Turning Their Backs on Facebook Street art graffiti artists have been leaving Facebook and concentrating on their Instagram profiles for the last few years. Unhappy with the intrusive manner in which Facebook admins and community handle their content. It’s become commonplace for group / page admins or…

Street Art Jobs

Street Art Jobs Connecting People to Artists

Street Art Jobs Sponsored by LSD Magazine Introducing a brand new service you totally need but didn’t realise it until now. Street Art Jobs was devised to bring people and street art graffiti artists closer together. The advent of the internet has greatly increased street art graffiti popularity around the…

Graffiti Photographers United

New Book Graffiti Photographers United Out Now

Graffiti Photographers United Celebrates Writers Painting Trains These days when the general public think of graffiti, they’re normally referring to the variety found on walls. Spotting painted trains is a much rarer occurrence in certain cities, due mostly to securer locations coupled with modern technology and CCTV analytics’s. In European…

Kraser Hyena Spain

Kraser Surreal Hyena Street Art in Spain

Kraser Surreal Hyena in Llano del Beal (Spain) Kraser is widely known for his surreal murals which often highlights the character strengths of the featured subject. The Spanish artist feels a deep connection with his environment and the animal kingdom. Endangered species are brought to life with vibrant colour and interdimensional…

Sweam Smart Projector

Bring Artwork to Life with Sweam Smart Projector

The Portable Sweam Smart Projector on Kickstarter When first setting eyes on the Sweam Smart Projector, we wondered if it could be used for projecting artwork onto large walls so ‘some’ artists can paint the outlines to their murals or commissioned jobs. On closer inspection it appears the smart LED…

tiny t1 Zanco Phone

Fully Functional tiny t1 from Zanco on Kickstarter

World’s ‘Smallest’ Phone Fully Funded on Kickstarter The tiny t1 from Zanco could be the perfect tool for artists painting out on the streets. Rather than take the incredibly over-priced smartphones on painting trips, you’d be better off with the fully functional tiny t1. It’s cheap, cheerful and fully operational….