Jay Kaes

Jay Kaes Mural on Pedley Street East London

Street Artist Jay Kaes Pedley Street Mural London based artist Jay Kaes has painted this twice in the last few months. The sci-fi themed murals feature smartphones as part of the central theme, befitting the people shooting photos on their devices. The Spanish artist is widely known for the colourful…

K-Guy Votes for Women

Altruism vs Narcissism Brick Lane by K-Guy

Emmeline Pankhurst vs Kim Kardashian K-Guy Street Art Street Artist K-Guy pulls no punches with his depiction of two powerful females protesting for very different reason. In the red corner we have British political activist and leader of the British Suffragette Movement. An organisation with the sole objective of winning…

Done Know Hackney Wick Street Art

Hackney Wick Street Art Quadrant Hoardings

 Changing Face of Hackney Wick In the not-so-distant future Hackney’s skylines will be completely transformed. Nowhere is this more apparent than Hackney Wick, which currently resembles a huge construction site. It wasn’t long ago we personally roamed the dark unwelcoming streets of the industrial complex. The early nineteen eighties are…

Dede Art Book

Dede Israel Street Art Book Out Now

Dede’s New Art Book Out Now During September 2016, Dede has launched his first Artist Book. You can take a look at the video on the book’s crowd-funding campaign page (which was successfully funded with 132% of the original target goal). The book was launched in Tel Aviv mid-September, alongside an extensive…

Dont Fret

Dont Fret Mural on Hackney Carriage Building

Dont Fret Mural on Hackney Road Chicago based street artist Don’t Fret recently came to the city for an exhibition and launch of a collaborative book with London based artist Edwin. Whilst in town he painted this mural on Hackney Road in East London. The building was once home to…

Mateo in Paris

Mateo Paints First Mural in Home City Paris

Mateo First Mural in Home City Paris French national Mateo has been living in Montreal for some years which meant much of his street art and studio work was carried out in foreign lands. When an opportunity arose to travel home and paint his first mural in Paris, Mateo took…

Sens Art

Mexican Street Artist Sens Art in London

Mexican Street Artist Sens Art in London The United Kingdom welcomes street artists and graffiti writers from around the world. Mexican artist Sens Art is widely known throughout the Latin American street art scene. He started his journey doing graffiti and tags so has much experience painting in urban environments….

Jinks Kunst West Africa Mural Project

Jinks Kunst West Africa Mural Project

Jinks Kunst West Africa Mural Project Djiguene & Goor means “man and woman” in wolof. In collaboration with various cultural institutions within Western Africa, Jinks wanted to pay homage to men and women in a unique way with some long-lasting frescos. To do the deed, he offered a program that…


D*Face Spaceman on Scalter Street

D*Face Spaceman on Scalter Street British artist D*Face is widely known throughout the world for a variety of art concepts undertaken by commission or late at night. The artist has a background in graffiti which he fuses into iconic pop art and graphic novel stylised artwork on canvas, walls, or…

Jay Kaes

Jay Kaes Landscape Art in Brick Lane

Jay Kaes Landscape Art in Brick Lane The colourful portraits produced by Jay Kaes brighten up any wall you may encounter. In the much the same vain as his Spanish comrades, London based Jay Kaes paints with the strong vibrant colours often found in Spanish cities such as Barcelona. The…