KuDrone Nano-Drone

Kudrone 4k GPS Nano-Drone IndieGoGo

Kudrone Nano-Drone Huge Crowd Funding Success When the Kudrone team pitched their Nano-Drone on crowd funding network IndieGoGo they needed to raise $50,000. So impressed with what the little unit can do for the money, the internet responded by backing the project to the tune of 1.2 millions dollars. There’s…

Drum and Bass HQ

Drum and Bass HQ DJ World Record Attempt

DRUM AND BASS HQ WORLD RECORD ATTEMPT FOR LARGEST DJ RELAY On 24th June 2017 Drum And Bass HQ along with upwards of 200 DJ’s will attempt to break the Guinness World Record for largest DJ relay at London’s Work Club. From 5pm to 10pm hundreds of tunes will be…


Drumistic Can Play Record Improve Drumming Kickstarter

Drumistic Play Anything Any Time The Drumistic is a serious piece of kit designed for drummers to practise or learn new sets anywhere at any time. Engineered to meet the challenges of amateurs, professionals and posers like us. We don’t have drummers on the team but we did show the…

Flam Chen

Flam Chen Pyrotechnic Theatre Company USA

Flam Chen Collective of Creative Souls You cant typecast Flam Chen into one category or another without downplaying their skills in other sectors. Founded in 1995  this collective of creative minds banded together with but one objective. To amaze, dazzle and entertain as many souls as they can possibly reach….

dbell live

Security Cameras and Smart Doorbells on IndieGoGo

You Need Wireless Cameras and Smart Doorbells Summer is rapidly approaching and bookings being made to paint, party or chill out are currently under-way. It’s all good living on a beach for three months but whose monitoring your hard earned possessions. Leaving your lights on a timer at home isn’t…

Moar Fat Tire Electric Bike

Moar Fat Tire Folding Frame Electric Bicycle IndieGoGo

Moar Fat Tire Electric Bicycle Looks Awesome We love an electric bike and crowd funding networks such as Indiegogo cannot be praised enough for providing an arena which encourages and supports innovations. If not for crowd funding it’s unlikely we’d ever see a majority of the products featured an any…


LSD Magazine Interviews Junkerry

French recording sensation Junkerry recently released the first art inspired virtual reality music video called ‘As We Are’. The recording artiste is a one-woman-band that records and produces her music at home in the studio surrounded by her loved ones. Junkerry doesn’t just make music for the sake of recording,…

Steadicam Volt Smartphone Stabiliser

Steadicam Volt Smartphone Stabiliser on Kickstarter

Steadicam Volt Smartphone Stabiliser on Kickstarter A quick search of Kickstarter throws up a number of smartphone stabilisers that have already entered the commercial market. None we hasten to add have the reputation and experience within this field as the inventors of Steadicam. The tried and tested rigs have been…

Intelligent Security Webcam Privacy Cover

Intelligent Security Webcam Privacy Cover on Kickstarter

Intelligent Security Webcam Privacy Cover on Kickstarter We’ve been using webcam covers on our Apple devices for nearly ten years now so fully recommend them to anyone using a device with inbuilt cameras. We’re actually surprised most people haven’t already invested in some form of camera cover. Tape was used…

Learn Tags

Learn Tags Graffiti Game on Kickstarter

Learn Tags Graffiti Game on Kickstarter LEARN: Tags will offer users multiple game modes that are all centered around graffiti and street art. Users will be immersed in a dystopian world where the government has outlawed creativity and has been brainwashing its citizens. The main game’s stealth missions are all…