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Colour the Community Kenya

Crowd Funding Art Projects in Africa – Colour the Community

We all know how important art can be for the mind, body and soul, we have an emotional reaction when either taking part or standing back engaging our conscious streams. In under developed countries art is often way down on the list of priorities as daily survival can be a struggle in itself. Resources are the biggest issue as necessary supplies are usually non-existent in such environments. Everything needed to deliver any program must be brought in from other places or countries. Having worked on humanitarian projects in South Africa for the Republic of Ireland, I’ve personally witnessed the sheer excitement of children presented with coloured pencils and colouring books. All visitors are encouraged to bring or send art materials for the youngsters. Art programs such as Colour the Community are initiated by everyday people and not richly funded charities. They really do make a difference to the lives of young people involved in such programs. Such opportunities offer rare connections with a wider world beyond their environments.

A Scottish artist and Indian art director / choreographer have launched the IndieGoGo campaign and has one month left to complete. They hope to arrive in Kenya during the month of August and we wish them best of luck with the campaign and Colour the Community project.



Colour the Community Kenya Colour the Community Kenya


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