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Amy True - Concentrate

First release From Amy True Debut Solo Album ’11’



Amy True is a unique breed of artist. Naturally gifted, soulful and authentic with a work ethic and longevity rarely seen in this current hype obsessed musical landscape. Amy represents proverbial rose amongst the thorns, in that true artistic beauty will always organically blossom and shine through.

Amy has collaborated with artists like, Akala (appearing on 2 tracks on his latest album) and fellow Peoples Army members Lowkey & Logic, along with being part of poet Benjamin Zephaniah’s forthcoming album & Live Band- Revolutionary Minds. She has shared the stage with Hip Hop royalty such as Public Enemy, Mos Def, Immortal Technique and Jedi Mind Tricks …as a solo artist and as a member of Caxton Press (former UK HipHop group). She has performed at festivals around the UK like Womad,Boomtown, Secret Garden Festival, Lattitude Festival & Boombap festival along with events Internationally in the Philippines, Atlanta US, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, India & Uganda.

Amy’s solo discography thus far is peppered with instant classics such as ‘Falling Stars’ (taken from her ‘Question Authority’ EP) & ‘Supersonic’ that break away from the traditional sound and subject matter of UK Hip Hop. But as we already said, Amy is a unique breed of artist.

Now is the time for ‘11’, Amy’s debut solo album.

In Amy’s own words … ‘This album is very personal to me of course, it is important that I remain independent with this solo project to show that yes, it can be done without having to be signed. I can do this myself and yes women are also doing their thing. I want this to resonate to young people especially… in all aspects of life but of course people of any age, letting them know that we don’t need to be dependant or have this belief that things can only be done with major corporations, that can most times take you away from your own instinc’s & vision”.

‘11’ is more than just a collection of tracks. It is a carefully crafted album that plays from start to finish as Amy’s personal artistic journal of her journey so far and her aspirations for both herself and the world she inhabits. Sometimes confidant, sometimes candid & vulnerable but the braggadocio and dogma are left in the dust for a more emotionally open style of song writing and performance.


Amy True

Here’s what Amy True herself has to say about the album…

“This album to me is a spiritual journey, the number 11 has been guiding me since 2011. This number guides me and reminds me to stay on the correct path of positive growth, self awareness and awareness of the world i am living in. Its a mixture of Hiphop/soul/jazz with electro/ambient/drum and bass”.

11 is solely produced, mixed and engineered by UK Hip Hop legend Chemo, who Amy has previously worked with on music with Caxton Press. Amy has also enlisted the help of a group of UK musicians to make ‘11’. Shabaka Hutchings – Jazz composer & saxophone/ clarinet , Huw Bennet – Double Bass , Alex Horky – Pianist, Nubya Garcia – Saxophonist & Sumo Chief – Jazz/ hiphop band. The album also features gueat vocalists Logic & Kenyon.

Amy True’s vision for ‘11’ was for it to be completely independent. This decision was in part inspired by advice and guidance from Hip Hop veterans Rodney P & Jonzi D. This vision was aided into fruition by Amy’s Kickstarter campaign for the album which helped her fund it.

But Amy True is not just a musician, she is a dedicated youth mentor who curates her own workshops, projects and events.. She teaches young people from ages of 10 to 25 years old, both male and female, guiding them with self confidence skills, self identity, history, song writing, poetry, rap & spoken word as well as Performance techniques, delivery, song structuring & recording. Some of the notable projects and initiatives she has been involved in include ‘The Freedom of Speech Sessions in London (including the participation of London Mayor Saddiq Khan), mentoring young people for The Amy Winehouse Foundation, workshops at the Hammer Youth Club in Belfast, Blackbyrd Lays in Oxfordshire, Independent School project in the Philippines, True Stories’, a project spearheaded by Amy herself to discuss the effect the mass media has on societal thinking. This project also spawned a documentary and E.P. Amy has even been to 10 Downing street to meet with Gordon Brown to request funding for communities.

Amy True - Concentrate






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