Crowd Funded Comic Book Campaign by Originalartiste

Originalartiste Cominc Book

Comic Book Collaboration by Originalartiste & Roxanne Renard

Nicolas Bamert aka Originalartiste has been creating immersive art installations for years now. We’ve shared his many artworks on our page and have actually worked with the artist on a past project. We met him when he came to paint for us at the Malta Street Art Festival. We personally watched the artist paint many different pieces on the island including at the Jerma Hotel. He frantically cleaned one of the rooms in this derelict hotel, painting his iconic surrealist style. Days later he took on an even bigger challenge, where he freestyle spray painted a thousand stars in what was once a grand fairway in the abandoned hotel.

This crowd funding campaign is too fund a collaborative art project between Originalartiste and graphic designer Roxanne Renard. The project is almost fully funded but still has sixteen days left and limited number of Perks left for early backers.


“Discover the History of the Original World

Nicolas Bamert is unveiling the creation of his universe and taking you on a one-of-a-kind journey through this comic book. All aboard! When he meets Jean Tinguely and Niki de Saint Phalle, the Maître Original starts seeing colours and inspirations where there used to be only a dull and grey world. With the help of the Hatter, he will have to build a rocket at the Garden of Tarots, in order to be able to travel to a new planet filled with creative energies! His mission: go gather enough joy, dreams and colours to fill our own world!

Make It Yours

The comic book is already written, drawn and coloured up! It’s simply waiting to be printed—and that’s the part of the adventure we need help with. The funding will allow to refund the artist’s financial participation as well as print 1000 French copies of the comic book. English, German and Italian versions are in the works…”


Originalartiste Cominc Book Originalartiste Cominc Book Originalartiste Cominc Book Originalartiste Cominc Book Originalartiste Cominc Book




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