5 Crowd Funding Tech Projects on Kickstarter

2020 The Semi Modular Beat Machine - Kickstarter

Crowd Funding Tech Projects

Here are five Staff Picks from the tech category on Kickstarter. We’ve been scanning crowd funding websites to find projects that you may like to help bring to life by helping support the creators. Crowd funding has become so important for thousands of startup companies in the modern age. Millions of pounds has been raised to launch numerous products onto the global market. We’ll be highlighting certain crowd funding tech projects and reviewing products on the website. If you have a crowd funding project we may help to promote the campaign although we can’t promote everything that get sent to us. We also carry out in-depth product reviews for up and coming or commercially available products.



2020 The Semi Modular Beat Machine

DUB-Russell is a Japanese electronic music group, started in 2010. All of our original sounds are created with Cycling ’74 Max software, and alongside our live performance, we use real-time computer improvisation – non-reproducible music.  DUB-Russell has performed frequently in Tokyo, along with international events including Sonar Sound Tokyo (2012), ELEKTRA16 (2015, Montreal), meme city (2015, Hangzhou), BRDG and more. BEAT-MACHINE CAMPAIGN LINK


SpeedX Leopard Road Bike
SMART BIKES…This is what SpeedX Leopard is all about. Riding is an activity that touches people’s mind. Riders want to be integrated with the bike, in each own rhythm, in fluency, without distraction. Leopard is ready to give the rider the ultimate road experience. SPEEDX LEOPARD CAMPAIGN LINK


MIN7 Wooden Speaker - Kickstarter

MIN7 is an elegant multi-function wooden speaker that is handcrafted and engineered to produce a pure audio and visual experience. MIN7 embeds 2 amplifier board chips to power 150W 2.1 stereo system. In order to engineer the best sound, our speaker drivers expert with over 26 years of experience specially designed a new 1” silk dome tweeter, 4” paper cone woofer, and 5.25” subwoofer to deliver the best transition from low to high frequencies.  MIN7 CAMPAIGN LINK



Occube GoPro 360 Mount - Kickstarter

Working in the professional video industry and being big fans of 360° recording we have experienced numerous situations in which we had to make a lot of compromises working with the current 360° technology on the market. Due to quality limitations of “one-stop” cameras currently on the markets we are focused on working with GoPro® action cameras, the respective camera rigs as well as the required stitching software. During operations we have experienced pitfalls that did not enable us to work professionally. OCCUBE CAMPAIGN LINK



Lighted LED Night Kites - Kickstarter

We use both LED and EL lighting to blaze through the sky at night providing hours of night flying fun. Our LED lighting is made up of roughly 20 LEDs per foot and is encapsulated in silicone to make it waterproof and weather tight. It is a RGB (red, green, blue) combination LED that allows you to set several color options. Our electroluminescent wire (EL wire) is “high output stage 3” wire that lights 25% brighter than standard EL wire. It too is completely encapsulated in a protective weatherproof housing to keep it lit for many hours at the beach. LIGHTED LED LIGHTS CAMPAIGN LINK