Day One Brick Lane London Twenty Eighteen

Twenty Eighteen Day One

Welcome to 2018AD

London lay dormant on the first day of a new year, global revellers having celebrated like the end of days are now going through a long-winded recovery process. We wanted to capture art already painted on walls for this the first day of twenty eighteen. It was highly unlikely we’d find artists out painting but we still felt it was an important moment to record for future review.

Twenty seventeen was quite the year for street art graffiti, where some have been saying the movement would fade away due to the sheer saturation of artwork on walls, social media has shown otherwise. Artists and curators are scratching heads to find elaborate methods of presenting artists and their creations to the world. World records were broken last year by street artists and graffiti writers, so the bar has been raised and the game intensified.

Twenty Eighteen Day One

We’ve been pretty quiet on the blogging side of the network in recent months. Due mostly to a brand new dedicated TV channel we’re launching along with partners in Los Angeles. It will be the first channel specialising mostly in street art graffiti but we also feature urban sports such as skateboarding, parkour and B-Boy competitions. We should be LIVE before the end of the month whilst we currently test the App and platform. Our American partners have launched a variety of TV channels so well accustomed to the process.

Twenty eighteen is another big year for street art graffiti as more world records are lined up, street art festivals in new cities, graffiti jams bigger than ever, TV channel and so much more worthy of note. 2018 is a transformative year for artists and creative minds to regain their independence and tight control over content and how its transmitted to the world.

It’s our time, lets stand up and take it…Big Love – Wayne Anthony & Team LSD (Shrine, Dmark, Mike)

Twenty Eighteen Day One


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