Dutch Street Art Awards in Amsterdam 2017

Dutch Street Art Awards

Dutch Street Art Awards in the City of Amsterdam

Last year Amsterdam Street Art and Boomerang Create joined forces to present the perfectly executed Dutch Street Art Awards. The game is rapidly evolving in terms of legal walls and commissioned projects. These days some street artists will only paint on walls they have permission to work on, so its only right and proper to acknowledge their efforts alongside those painting without authorisation.

This year LSD Magazine co-founder Wayne Anthony is one of the judges, Team LSD will be in the city for the duration of our stay in Amsterdam.

So why an awards ceremony? This is another opportunity to legitimise the business of street art to a wider audience of art aficionados in the Netherlands. We’ve already accepted the format is here for the long haul, it makes sense to endorse street artists in the same way other creative endeavours are recognised.

There’s still time to submit your own work or submit someone else’s work on their behalf. Submissions have been extended a further two weeks from yesterday so don’t waste time in visiting the website and submitting artwork. Criteria and category’s can be found on the dedicated website, where you can also submit artwork.


Dutch Street Art Awards – 2nd June

Dutch Street Art Awards

Dutch Street Art Awards

Award Designed by 2Fast (New Design for 2017)


Dutch Street Art Awards