Eine Paints Huge Create Mural in London

Ben Eine Largest Mural

Eine Produces 17,000sqm Create Mural in East London

The news is finally out in mainstream media, Ben Eine has produced his largest mural too date. The huge piece took the artist weeks to paint in East London and everyone on site was sworn to complete secrecy.  Eine chose his band of merry helpers well because the secret mission has only just surfaced as the work goes to press. The mural weighs in at 17,500 sqm and produced in his traditional  signature format, perfected over decades of painting.

The epic ‘create’ mural was so large the artist sort the support of several artist pals and two drones. Ariel shots were needed for the artists to analyse the entire canvas. As the work progressed different drones were deployed to climb even higher. News broke in the Evening Standard and we’re still waiting to get more photographs.





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