Femme Fierce Rocks Leake Street

The biggest gathering of female artists in the UK rolled through London over the last weekend and we ‘re happy to say that we were present for the massive occasion. Highlighting a number of issues affecting women around the globe, Femme Fierce has been a roaring success. We cant say exactly how many artists were painting neither can we tell you all there names at this current moment. No matter which part of the industry you might be involved in, watching live painting jams is still the best part of the job. It’s great to see so many creative women expressing themselves by way of art. Women had traveled the world to paint here for this special occasion which made the event even more unique. You have to take your hat off to the organisers who funded the project by way of crowd funding on Kickstarter. Pat on the back to everyone that helped fund the event. Stay tuned for further postings with updated name tags so if you know any of the featured artists please forward their names and we’ll update.