Fresh Works of Okuda & Remed in Toronto

Renown street artists Remed & Okuda have just painted these stunning pieces in Toronto, Canada after painting another great piece recently in Miami as part of the Streets of Colour campaign. The artists are not only known for the wonderful array of colours, they are equally appreciated for the depth of imagination and layers presented within the complex shapes.

Remed-Okuda-toro-2 Remed-Okuda-toro-3 Remed-Okuda-toro-4 Remed-Okuda-toro-5 Remed-Okuda-toro-6 Remed-Okuda-toro-7 Remed-Okuda-toro-8 Remed-Okuda-toro-9 Remed-Okuda-toro-10 Remed-Okuda-toro-11REMED WEBSITE
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