Hackney Wick Old School Graffiti Takeover

Hackney Wick Old School Graffiti

Old School Graffiti in Hackney Wick

Anyone visiting the area can tell you the walls wasn’t always covered in graffiti like seen today in Hackney Wick. Old school Graffiti writers are often thought of in terms of vandals indiscriminately painting anything standing in their way. If this were true we’d see graffiti street art on a scale unprecedented in this country. People would argue this is the current state of affairs which is absolutely true but if graffiti writers and artists were as callous as some reports might suggest, mainstream buildings stretched across the borough would be splattered in paint.

Old buildings in Hackney Wick are set to be demolished and replaced in coming months, leaving a vacuum of creative souls searching for new places to live in the area or another borough with cheaper rent but lots of potential. I’m sure site managers across the land are secretly praying artists won’t paint their lovely shiny new structures. To be fair who wouldn’t be slightly nervous given the current state of Hackney Wick’s walls. We can’t speak for anyone other than the crews we personally know but painting a random new building has never been what graffiti is about.


Hackney Wick Old School GraffitiHackney Wick Old School Graffiti Hackney Wick Old School Graffiti Hackney Wick Old School Graffiti