Installations in the Czech Republic by Patrik Prosko

Czech artist Patrik Prosko takes his art from gallery to street to forest before deciding to fuse the two together.  I should point out that nature was not harmed during this process as the artist used fully biodegradable materials to complete his landscape visions.  We particularly like the Air Conditioner piece which worked really well as a unit. It brings a sense of wonder to the forest as one can never tell who you may meet in this mysterious woodlands.

Artist: Patrik Prosko

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Patrik-Prosko-1Kola with ArtPatrik-Prosko-2Genius Loci
Patrik-Prosko-The-Air-ConditionerThe Air Conditioner

KořenyKořeny The-Hare-With-Cream-SauceThe Hare With Cream Sauce

ImpressionsImpressionsThe-LampThe LampThe-ParasiteThe Parasite

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