Issue Seven

 LSD Magazine Issue Seven – MADE IN SPACE

As the sub atomic quantum vortex of nebulous neurons nestle into LSD’s particle accelerator and send synaesthesia screaming down the subterranean labyrinths of pirate expression, Issue 7 – Made in Space has finally touched down terrestrially. Frisking the fringes of physics, actualizing the apogee of the abstract, ramraiding the recesses of rhythm, hijacking the heights of the hypnotized humdrum, liquidizing lucidity and plundering the pineal, Issue 7 sprays hyperspace a slinky shade of piercing. Absolutely fucking gob smacking, street stopping art, flipping uniformed bricks into freestyle tricks, as the speckles soar and the ideas roar, barnstorming music plugging straight to the core and awesome insight pouring through the intergalactic clusters to carve a scorching supernova into the black holes of normality. The raw creative power of imagination unchained, unleashed and warping the rims of relativity.

Much Love Wayne Anthony (Class of 88), Sirius23 & Team LSD