Italian Street Artist Daniele Nitti in Naples

Italian street artist Daniele Nitti

“I am close to you” A New Mural by Italian Street Artist Daniele Nitti

 “Je sto vicino a te” (I am close to you) is the latest mural created by Italian artist Daniele Nitti (Hope) in the Parco dei Murales of Ponticelli (Naples, Italy), dedicated to the theme of solidarity. 

Over a marvellous starry background, the artist represented a small village, where children and adults are occupied in daily activities, as a metaphor of an ideal periphery where everyone is happy to collaborate, strengthening the meaning of solidarity as a brotherhood that brings together the members of a community. The houses, depicted as palates floating over water, are connected with small bridges, exactly like the bridges (in Italian, “ponti”) that used to cross the water of the old river Sabeto, and that inspired the name of the neighbourhood of Ponticelli.  

The importance of being able to count on one another is also expressed through the title, inspired by a song of the late Neapolitan songwriter Pino Daniele.

Curated by INWARD – Observatory on Urban Creativity (with the support of MiBACT and SIAE), “Je sto vicino a te” is the sixth wall painted in the Parco dei Murales (a sort of Graffiti Park), a social and cultural program taking place in the building complex of Parco Merola, a disadvantage neighbourhood in Ponticelli, east periphery of Naples. Through creative laboratories with children, teenagers and mothers and a constant dialogue with the inhabitants (almost 160 families) the ideas of the community have been transformed into artworks by several talented Italian street artists.

Daniele Nitti (Hope) was born in Triggiano in 1982. After studying art in Bari, he started to explore the relationship between childhood and time. His detailed drawings, tell stories of a surreal space lost in time, where nature becomes an enchanted way to escape chaos. 


Italian street artist Daniele Nitti Italian street artist Daniele Nitti Italian street artist Daniele Nitti


INWARD – Observatory on Urban Creativity


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