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Himalia EP

LSD Magazine Interviews Himalia

Hi Dave AKA Himalia, thanks for chatting to us today. Let’s start with you telling us a little bit about yourself.

Hey guys, My name is Dave Hinman and I’m a 28 year old producer from Lincoln. I’ve been producing properly for about 3-4 years now. I make all sorts of genres of music, chillout, garage, dubstep, trap, drum and bass etc. I DJ from time to tome and do a hell of a lot of skateboarding too which is my first love.

So you’ve only been producing for a few years. How did you come together with Pegdoll Records?

I’ve been pitting up tunes on my soundcloud for a couple of ears and have had a few releases on Medschool and Boom Ting. Which I’m super grateful for. Olly at Pegdoll contacted me prior to the label starting asking if I wanted to be the first release on the label. After that they released by debut LP “Distances”. It’s been a solid love affair since then haha.

Your latest release is your Situations EP, can you talk us through this?

Well Situations is my latest release and I’m really happy with how it’s turned out. I’ve been writing and finalising these tracks for the past year so it’s nice to finally have them all together and being released. It’s a 7 track LP of which contains all sorts of styles of music.

Himalia EP

You like your music to take you on a journey, back to a time in your life. Where does the latest EP take you?

Yeah, well obviously when you make a song and listen back, it reminds you of what you were doing at that point in your life. Could be good things, bad things or just memories that were in rotation at that point if your life. Something like that anyway.

Who were your biggest musical influences while you were producing this?

I have such a wide range of influences that it’s hard to put a stamp on what made me make an LP like this. I always listen to music, like all day every so my influences are vast. If you listen to the LP you’ll see every track is different and how my influences shone through.

Do you have a favourite track off the release?

My favourite track from this release would have to be “Oh Hey Ft Jade Parker” for the reason being it’s the most catchiest track on the album. I remember when we were writing it and how it was then to how it is now. I went and stayed with Jade for a weekend and we wrote it together. It’s the first time I’ve written and actual track with someone in the same room and t was great. Me and Jade get on really well which is sick.

Himalia EPHimalia

How would you describe your production style?

Bits of everything really, I tend to sample a lot so trying to chop and change sounds whilst trying to maintain my own sound. Mostly a chilled sound with either choppy drums or maybe no drums at all, it honestly depends how I’m feeling and what I’m up for making at the time. I’ve made a lot of progress recently as I’ve been working on tracks a lot more and working with more vocalists and MC’s.

You’ve collaborate with Laurelle and Jade Parker on this release, do you enjoy working with vocalists?

Yeah I do like working with vocalists. I feel like my tracks mostly rely of vocals as the instrumentals on their own are quite deep and meaningful so having a vocal to capture that emotion definitely works well. I’ve been working with lots more vocalists recently and I’m really excited to be working on some more new projects that will be coming out soon.

What does the rest of 2017 have in store for you?

Well just working on my production really, me and a friend/MC, Joe Andrews (G.I) have made a studio space to record ourselves and singer/songwriters and basically just have a space to be able to be able to grow and progress properly so that’s exciting. Other than that just a lot of remixes and releases on different things, and working on some concept albums with different artists so really busy! Feeling blessed at the moment!

Do you have any tips you’d like to share with the up coming producers out there?

Just have fun making whatever you want to make, that’s the main reason we all make music right? Because we enjoy it. Keep learning new things and taking risks, you never know what’s gonna happen and who’s listening. I never thought 3 years ago I’d have releases on Café Del Mar and stuff like that so just keep doing it and it’ll work out.

Any final words or shouts?

Shouts to all my mates and everyone at Pegdoll for having faith in my music and to my family who have supported me throughout. Blessed! Big up LSD Mag too! Thanks for the chat! Peace!





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