LSD Magazine interviews Chihiro

[box_dark]Tell us a little about the graffiti / street art scene in Romania?

I feel that in Romania- in general- a few artists exist who started by themselves. Maybe because street art appeared too late. The style is the usual NYC style,  with messages copied from the West. People are stuck a bit, hardly expressing themselves from the inside, which I really don’t like. But this is a personal opinion.

Are there many graffiti / street artists in Romania?

Yes, there are a lot of street and graffiti artists and i feel that the number is growing day by day.

We’ve never been to Romania, do you have a thriving graffiti community?

Yes, it progrsesses slowly but in a positive way.

How legal is graffiti / street art in your city?

I’ve lived in many places, the present city where I live is very calm, it’s not overloaded with cops, but there aren’t any legal walls.
The problem in this city is that it has beautiful old buildings and nothing looks good on them and besides that I would never paint
on those monuments, I rather use stencils and stickers outside. This is why we paint in old warehouses, so we can express our
stupidity HEHE:D

Do you live in fear of arrest?

Ohhhh, few years ago I had a huge mess with the cops, it was one of the worst days in my life.
Eight people were caught by the cops because of me.
Day and night police cars patroled the streets in the neighborhood searching for the delinquents.
As I was heading to school I watched how they were cleaning the the walls..I painted all over the streets, from cars to shop windows.
My luck was that they hadn’t know who are they after, and they hadn’t  suspected that I was a girl.. Hopefully nobody turned me in.
Not long ago i was in that city and it was a bad experience seeing my vandal tags which remaind on the walls.
It was a f**king dumb thing to do, I will never write tags anymore. I’d rather focus on art.
They chased me several times, so it’s normal that I’m afraid but they never caught me.
Otherwise what if they arrest me, my life won’t end after I it.hehehe:))

What happens to artists if caught?

Personally i don’t know, but I heard stuff. It depends who caught you. There were artists who have been beaten, or arrested.

Street, warehouse or Gallery?

All off them! There is no limit:) but the gallery stands closer to me,
I adore graphics and i’m intrested in many things..engravings, illustrations, graphic design,an so on..
I’ve painted skateboards, snowboards and toy figures designed by my friends…

How would you define your style?

I think that I don’t have a certain style, I can draw in many ways, depending on my mood and situation.
I express myself as I feel. I heard from the others that my artwork is morbid.
The only thing that counts for me is that it has to come from the heart!

Who are your influences?

Nobody influences me, as an artist, I got no ideals, I don’t care for nobodys life, everybody forms himself/herself.
I got my inspiration from my past, my memories, from the moments and from music.

Where is the line between street art and vandalism?

Personally I think that every artist knows, the question is that whats the aim of the writer.

Is there a conflict or a union between street art, graffiti and conventional art?

There are different, but life won’t stand still, the changing is permanent, the fantasy moved out to the streets, but the roots are the same: Self expression. I would say that this is a new era:D

Anything you want to say to our readers?