LSD Magazine interviews #CodeFC

#CodeFC’s weird and wonderful world of mutant camera headed figures explore the modern realities of cinematic capture, tangible memory and surveillance, opening up a an entirely new perception on how we view consciousness in today’s eternal world of technology. He spoke to us

Tell us a bit about yourself

I started as Code and this is how most graffiti writers know me as .I  altered it into #CodeFC 10/11ish years ago. after writing the same letters I thought about writing real codes (#c0defc is a code for a colour in hexadecimal ciphers used in computers)  . I’m based between London and Rome  but I tend to be more active when traveling (I do it often)

How long you been placing art on streets?

Since 89

How did the idea come about for combining animals with electronics?

I don’t combine just animals with electronics [  in fact I just finished a t-rex ( animal again ) with 35mm cam instead of the head for Mutate Britain !! ] and it s usually super 8 cinecams or camcorders due to my motion graphics / vjing work

Some of your work is very political, do you have a message?

I have a lot of messages! I respond to outside inputs as everyone else maybe I make it more into ideas for my work than others

You travel round the world placing art, what kind of response do you get abroad from locals?

Depending on where I go I usually get a good response  from locals and  non locals apart from some stuff I did in  the Tuol Sleng Museum /S-21 in Phnom Penh (Cambodia) where some people got a bit offended and found it out of place ( planning more like this in places like  Auschwitz ) in any case art is supposed to create a response from the audience whether that is  good or bad doesn t really matter as long as  you get a reaction  otherwise the work is non existent.

CodeFc_EHow do you think people respond to your art?

Mostly in a positive way

Is there a connection between Big Brother Watching us and your cyborg creations?

No, my cameras are memories capture devices not security cams

Do you have a film / photography background?

The logo I use is my dad’s super 8 cinecam I use that and some other canon cinecam  to shoot  s8 films. I also shoot a lot of dv /hdv footage. I use the footage for  vjing in festivals like  Gatecrasher and Big Chill or clubs

What’s your motivation?

We could go on forever here ..the main reason is to  leave a visible sign of my presence . I hate leaving countries without painting , it feels to me like I have not been there and  also to entertain myself

CodeFc_FWhat and who influences your work?

My work needs to represent who I am and include a certain degree of information about what I do ( eg: when I see the toaster… in east london…I think he  makes  sandwiches …!) computers had  an influence in my name  , film cameras  in my logo, when it comes to my work I try to be  site specific  including certain elements that represent me  . Places I visit have a main influence on the work and I always do a bit of research before and come out with designs that are pertinent or related to the places  .Other influences come from oil painting  and other graffiti writers/ street artists

If you weren’t doing this, what would you be doing?

More filming more, compositing, more editing ,more projections

Are you self taught – and if so where would I start?

There is no school for graffiti . I was visiting relatives in south London and saw tags and some graffiti that s when I started .  I Then embraced other media  and went to college …

CodeFc_CDo you worry about ever increasing surveillance?

Yes I am very paranoid about painting in Britain in fact most of my activity is done abroad

How important is placement to artists?

Well place matters ( the more people seethe work  the better otherwise  you end up doing stuff just to take pictures) just like size does


Do you live in fear of arrest?

If police wanted to arrest me it would have happened already , I just try to be cautious as much as I can

How would you define your style?

street art with a graffiti attitude…( a puzzling amount of street artists do not come from graffiti background .. how strange )

What should we expect from #CodeFC in 2010?

2009 is coming to an end . I did some “installations” in and on German bunkers on the 5 beaches of the D-Day landing in  Normandy and I have been involved  with Mutate Britain . 2010, planning more travel to Thailand to do more merchandise and stickers and possibly an anti-USA  government campaign ( never out of fashion ..amazing )  in Vietnam called vietCode ( better late than never ..)

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