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Cianna Blaze

Cianna Blaze On Fire EP & Life in Fast Lane

There never seems to be enough time to sit down and chat with artists and artistes so we always appreciate interesting people stopping by for coffee, beer or organic shakes. Cianna Blaze has been lighting dance-floors on fire for years now so her latest EP is more than fitting.

Hi Cianna, how are you? What you up to at the moment?

Hi, I’m great thanks.  At the moment I’m promoting my new EP which is now out and available for download.  I recently dropped my first music video on my Youtube channel  so I’ve been focused on all this.

You have been collaborating with Maxim (The Prodigy) for a couple of years now. How does it feel to release your own solo material With the ‘On Fire’ EP?

It feels awesome, i have been in the studio working on material for ages so it feels great to finally start showing people what has come out of all the work i have been putting in.

How does it differ when writing your own material to when you’re writing with a collaborator? 

I write my own lyrics as a rapper so that part doesn’t really change.  But when working with other artists usually we collaborate on choruses and bounce off each other for ideas, each collaboration is different so the vibe always changes.

Cianna Blaze

The EP has a lot of different musical influences on it. From Trap to DnB and some good old fashioned hard electronic beats. Is it important for you as an artist to experiment with genres? Is there are particular style of beat you prefer spitting over?

Thank you, yeah I enjoy working with different sounds and like pushing the boundaries musically.  I dont want to be pigeon holed and think that using musical influences from all types of genres is the best way to avoid being placed in a box.

You have been on tour, quite extensively over the last couple of years. We actually caught you perform with Maxim at the Dogstar in Brixton a while back. Has the travel and performing to crowds helped shape your musical vision? Is there anywhere you have performed that was  a real eye opener for you?

Oh awesome! I really enjoyed the Dogstar gig! Thanks for coming down.  I think it has because you get to see how different people react to different music, its taught me that following trends isn’t the way, I want to be a trend setter musically and have people using my style as an influence.

Obviously the EP is a great body of work, but I’m sure all your fans want to know if you will be releasing an album in the near future? Any plans?

Thank you, at the moment I plan on just releasing music for my supporters and eventually release an album.  The main aim for me at the moment is to keep delivering music and videos to my listeners.

If you could choose one producer and one vocalist (dead or alive) too work with, who would they be and why?

Prince on both because he was such a pioneer within the music industry.  I love his music and vocally his range was just insane, also he was an amazing live performer and really knew how to make people listen.

Ok, lastly, where can our readers catch you playing in the coming months?

The next few months I’m going to be focusing on more music releases and visuals for my listeners.  Live shows are certainty in the pipeline.

Thank you, Cianna Blaze. Any shout outs?

Shout out to all my supporters out there.

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