LSD Magazine interviews SirChild

Issue Eight – Walls of Perception – November 23rd 2011



Wander off the beaten path in the wilds of Hungary and if your imagination is karmically calibrated and your eyes are open wide – you might just find yourself in a very special wonderland – the magical, carefree, brain boggling adventures of Sir Child and his knights of the paint stained table. The name itself hints at childlike fairy tale and as his bizarre menagerie of mutated innocence and dreamlike paradise wander through the flower strewn groves of rustic playfulness – breathing deep the fresh cut grass, a little hint of total bonkersness comes drifting in from over the haystacks. A sort of Arcadian mushroom trip into the rhythms of life with cast of lapsed journeymen on the storybook plane scurrying through the colours and melting into the soft sunshine. We caught up with him

How long have you been creating art?

I started off initially with straight up graffiti, but that really wasn’t my own artistic expression. I began feeling my way into my characters and figures four years ago and since then I’ve been exploring and expanding into street art.

What inspired your decision to put your work on the streets?

I would like to show the people of my nation my work so that they can reflect on how they live their own lives. A huge majority of people live in a permanent shade of grey and plod through a very boring life.- often unable to see the beautiful side of the world If they would only come into the natural world more often, they would see wonderful things, but sadly most people don’t have any time for nature but live their lives in a computer earth.

Do you exhibit your work much?

I can’t exhibit my works in this year but I’ll plan exhibitions in the next year and the years that follow. But what I’d really like to do is exhibit in foreign countries.


Tell us about some of the concepts behind your colorful characters?

This is a very easy process.I close my eyes and the characters walking in front of me. And I draw and paint them quickly.Before they disappear to some other place Or I guess one theme and choose characters in my head and work them into a  picture.

How do Hungarians respond to your outlandish characters?

Many Hungarians don’t understand the theme of my pictures.And they often frightened by my friends.

Is there a street art scene in Hungary and how strong is it?

The street art scene hasn’t really grown enough here because there isn’t enough of a feeling and a love for it.But the graffiti is stronger than street art – but then street art is still a very new form for most Hungarians

You paint onto canvas and then you place on the streets. How long does your work last on the street before someone takes it for themselves?

First I paint on canvas and any other materials and objects that I find – anything like fiberboard, wood , rusty metal, chair etc, and to be honest I prefer to place my pieces in totally natural surroundings – between a tree or in a field of flowers.
Most people don’t remove my work but they smash them. But this time is one or two week long.


You also have a distinctive color palette, tell us about your choice of colors.

The colors are very important for me. I like all color in the world including  those I haven’t seen yet. I use the colors openly. I like using yellow for light in particular as I find it the most natural and life giving for my figures. The other colors just come naturally.

Your characters are very detailed, does it take you long to produce them?

If Iím working on a smaller scale with coloured pencils a piece will only take and hour or 2, but the larger scale stuff takes anywhere between 5 or 6 hours

Do you get to do much painting in other cities?

Yes I do place work in other cities – especially because the scenes in those cities tend to be bigger and I feel my work may be more appreciated there.

What would you like to be doing more of in the future?

In the future I would like to be going to other countries and exhibiting my paintings and creations in the streets and galleries. I’m hoping to do lots of big murals and am planning on making some animated films in my street art style. And I would like to live in happiness with my artist girlfriend.

How can the general public purchase your works and where can they get those cool T-Shirts?

These T-shirts I wear and I paint them in very small numbers. But I look for supporters who can help me exhibit my creations in foreign countries and / or can print my jobs upon T-shirts and other clothes.

Anything you’d like to share with LSD  readers?

Hey LSD readers – I think love and the freedom of nature is the spirit of life. And I thank LSD magazine for the interview.
I hope we meet yet……


Issue Eight – Walls of Perception – November 23rd 2011