Mateo Paints First Mural in Home City Paris

Mateo in Paris

Mateo First Mural in Home City Paris

French national Mateo has been living in Montreal for some years which meant much of his street art and studio work was carried out in foreign lands. When an opportunity arose to travel home and paint his first mural in Paris, Mateo took the first available plane.

‘This wall is called equality and the project would be to paint two other murals to complete the motto and my work in France.. to be continued’ Mateo

Mateo in Paris
ÉGALITÉ / 40×10 meters / RER station “Le Bourget” Paris (FR)

Mateo in Paris

‘Three kids looking at the sky with a sense of hope, one of them hold a Balance, symbol of Equality. “Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité” motto of the French republic may be questioned nowadays whether in France or elsewhere.’ Mateo