Meeting of Styles UK London 2017

Main Wall MOS

Meeting of Styles UK – Nomadic Community Gardens Shoreditch

As fans of street art graffiti you’ll never be disappointed when attending Meeting of Styles UK. A global brand with different meets around the world, MOS UK is among the best events in the United Kingdom. Dozens of internationally renowned writers stood board to board with local writers and street artists. The talented Jim Vision and Matilda manage the UK brand, they’re well versed in producing one of the UK’s most respected live painting jams.

Artists were positioned anywhere they could put a board without completely poisoning the organic vegetables growing in the Nomadic Community Gardens Shoreditch. This has been home and base for Meeting of Styles UK for the past three years. The event is by no means confined to the gardens alone as wall space around the area is commandeered for dozens of artists.

Here are some shots of the finished pieces in the gardens but we’ll also be posting other photos in separate posts from the meet so look out for those shots as well.

Meeting of Styles UK 2017

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