Mr Trazo Farmers District Commission in Spain

Mr Trazo Farmers Growers

Mr Trazo Switches Up Style for Commissions

Whenever l tell someone l work with street artists and graffiti writers, l often prefix my answer with the notion that many street artists or graffiti artists can create any textbook style of their choosing. The fact they chose this particular format is part and parcel of any artist’s creative journey. When off the clock Spanish artist Mr Trazo produces his own large scale photo-realistic characters but when taking on commissions the artist is so adaptable that anything is possible. This mural was created for olive growers and grape farmers in Toledo Spain. The artist has used modern aerosol can techniques to produce a traditional painting style normally found on canvas


Mr Trazo Farmers Growers

Mr Trazo Farmers Growers

Mr Trazo Farmers Growers Mr Trazo Farmers Growers


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