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How and why we made this movie?

In 2012, we began our investigation on Street Art. Through Shaghayegh Cyrous (our friend), many Iranian Street Artists were introduced to us. Gradually, we learned this Art has many dangers for so many Street Artists. Because of high censorship on freedom of expression and Art, Street Artists know that Street Art is the only way to express their believes. As they don’t need government’s permission to their Art on walls illegally. The government does get this Art wrong and considers it as promoting Satanism and slogans against the government and imprisons Street Artists and even death penalty for Satanism is the result for Artists. So we had a serious decision to make a film about this Art in Iran.
liaise with Street Artists through Shaghayegh Cyrous, we did talk with them and we start shooting them for the film.

The reason of making this film, our grievances, as we are Iran’s younger generation, is the existing conditions for Art. The Art that is often intertwined with politics. By making this film we want to change the look of Street Art and pave the way for Street Artists. Another reason for making this movie is participating in famous and Important film festivals to introduce Iranian Street artist and their issues.

Past Projects and Film Awards

ZainabTabrizy graduated Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Iranian Cinema. Her film activitybegan in 2005 and as she entered the university started to making short and experimental film, And all her films to form is made ​independently and without government support. In 2008, her first semi-professional film was an experimental film called “Eight minutes more” which has won the Honorary Award by women filmmakers. Working on various projects gave her experimental vision in different positions and in 2010 made ​her first documentary​ movie collaborating with Paliz Khoshdel.

Paliz Khoshdel started his artistic activities since 2004, his career with the film, such as:
.”Director of photography” of registration NOROUZ for UNESCO project.
.”Director of photography” of A WINDOW TO IRAN, for Canadian Channel, UBC.
.”Director of photography” of Registration Historic Village ABYANEH for UNESCO.
.”Director of photography” and “Editor” of “KORIT TABAS” documentary film, the highest dam in the world’s history.

In 2009, he directed his first documentary film about the historical village, ABYANEH’s ritual called “ANCIENT HERITAGE”. and this film was premiered in International TEHRAN Film Festival in the same year.

.In 2010, he started making his first collaborated documentary film with ZEINAB TABRIZY called “STREET SULTANS”.

In 2012, he was the “Director of Photography” and “Editor” of Documentary film “Wooden Horse” directed by Mehdi Bakhshi.

In 2014, Produced and Edited the Documentary film “ON UNDERGROUND” directed by Mahan Khomamipor.


 The first collaborated film with ZEINAB TABRIZY and PALIZ KHOSHDEL, is a semi-long documentary called “Street Sultans” .This 38-minute documentary tells the story of Iranian young men and women who founded PARKOUR in Iran. After putting their lives into Parkour more than 6 years they are still facing lot’s of problems with their families, society and the traditional culture of Iran which considers Parkour an absolute waste. Even after canceling their Festival by the force of Police, they’re still fighting with the hard situation and willing to submit Parkour as a global sport in Iran.


International Awards:
Film Screening at Cinéma(s) D’Iran 2014
Film Screening at UCLA Celebration of Iranian Cinema, U.S.A 2013
Participated at Media Wave Film Festival, Hungary 2013
Won “Best Film” Award at Six Weeks of Iranian Art, Canadian Film Festival 2012
Film Screening at Online Women Filmmakers (of Iran) Uppsala Film Festival, Sweden 2012
Earned “Certificate of Achievement” at Canada’s 2nd Iranian Film Festival 2010

National Awards:

It Earned All major Iranian Documentary Film Festival awards in 2010 and 2011. Including:

Won “Special Award For The Best Film” from Iranian Critics and Writers Association, 2010
Won “Best Semi-Long Film” Award from Independent “Image of the Year” Festival, 2010
Won “Best Director” Award in Semi-Long Documentary section at “City” International Film Festival, 2011
Won “Best Semi-Long Documentary Film” Award from “Iranian Cinema Ceremony“ at Iranian House Of Cinema 2011.



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