Mutiny of Colours – Iran Street Art Documentary Project

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Although this documentary film is partly made the filmmakers need some funding to complete the documentary and distribution. The film will never be aired or seen in Iran due to its content so they plan on screening it around the world. The small details are currently being ironed out by the filmmakers who are currently putting their first kickstarter project together. As soon as we have the link we shall be posting it here…


The Movie Story:

This Documentary Film is narrating life, style and way of thinking of Four Iranian Street Artists which will expressed in Four episodes. There’s some interviews with the Artists which is about the genesis of Street Art in Iran and the interaction point with the Islamic Iran’s Mural. Also asking about the problems and dangers involved in this special Art field for the Artist themselves.

FIRST EPISODE: Getting to know CK1

CK1 is one of the most experienced Iranian Street Artists which Peace, Anti-war issues and Iranian literature is the most subjects his Artworks is about. Combining the decorated Persian hand writing with poets such as Hafez and Khayyam is common in his Artworks.


Omet uses Farsi font/words in his Artworks to convey his message to Iranian audience. By integrating childhood themes, nostalgia drawings and graphic designs, he gained tons of fans. Especially when he ran up the idea on T-Shirts. He needs to get a license for selling and distributions of his T-Shirts from government, but the governmental sectors are not giving him any license as his works are not Islamic or even acceptable in Islamic culture.


THIRD EPISODE: Traveling to Tabriz – ICY & SOT are two Tabrizi Brothers. They are passing their military services. ICY in Tehran and SOT in Tabriz. In Iran, Military services is a must; in addition all boys who needs to have passport and travel to overseas have to complete the military service. Majority of these two brothers’ Artwork is about Peace, Kids, Friendship and Promoting sustainable peace.
These two have set up various exhibitions around the world without being presence in any of them; two of displayed works were included in the exhibition along with BANKSY’s Artworks. Persian lines are combined with highly professional stencil works that are popular in the world.

ICY During his interviews, tells us the government considers their works as Satanism and slogans against the government.

SOT who lives in Tabriz, tells about the pros and cons of his works and lack of recognition of his hard work in Tabriz. The peak period of these Brothers’ episode combined after their military services is done and we follow them, looking forward to shoot their new Artwork on Tehran walls. But we did not have any authorization for shooting their work and were forced to secretly filmed their performances.

introducing the work of  Street Artists who calls herself “LADY GREEN” She is going to do a series of portraits of those who their faces has been banned to broadcast on Iranian media for political reasons, cause of their ideologies. In this episode Lady Green compares governmental murals to non-governmental graffiti artworks.
she also talks about the evolution of graffiti from the Islamic Revolution of Iran till now and what happens on the walls nowadays, which ideological is absolutely different and which one we can call street art and which we can not. At the end of this episode, municipality is going to clean the whole city out of Street artists’ Artworks, those drawn through this film.

All movie characters, they were willing to talk to the camera, only by using the mask on their faces.
the purpose of wearing masks is because they would not recognized by security and intelligence service of Iran, as the artists are always at risk of being arrested and imprisoned. Throughout the film, the Iranian Police and Security forces are aiming to arrest and imprison Artists of this film.

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