Original Artiste – Malta Street Art Festival 2015

We were overjoyed to finally meet Original Artiste at the first morning pool meeting for artists painting at the festival. We’d been posting his material for sometime so again it was finally great to meet the man behind those iconic artworks. Just a quick glance at one of his books demonstrates the artist’s commitment to his art-form. He feel completely in love with the abandoned Jerma Palace Hotel as derelict buildings are somewhat of a specialty for the man. This hardworking artist manually cleaned the rooms he worked in using nothing more than small pieces of discarded carpet and cardboard. Remembering that the entire complex was in a dire state of disrepair with a potentially life threatening accident lurking everywhere. We were present when the artist began picking the rubble up from his chosen room by hand. It wasn’t long before he became the first causality of the day (all other causalities happened at the pool party later that night) as blood trickled from his hand onto the partly tiled floor. Original returned to the Sensi Hotel where he was properly looked after by the gorgeous staff and sent back to Jerma Hotel where he painted a number of pieces throughout the week. It wasn’t long before the artist was painting various spots around the Sensi Hotel which had undergone a makeover since the arrival of the crew.  As part of the artists concept he takes a final shot of the piece which includes a self portrait. He actually takes the best pictures of his own pieces and well work getting hold of his two books or venturing to his online profiles to see the final vision of his work.


Original_WA_6951 Original_WA_5969 Original_WA_5964 Original_WA_6393 Original_WA_6396 Original_WA_6378 Original_WA_6392 Original_WA_5353